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He Was There

Cheryl, GA, USA
October 2003

This story happened to my mother about six years ago.

Her younger brother had died a few months prior to the incident. Anyway, on my uncle's birthday Momma took flowers to place on his grave. The day was bright and sunny, not at all a day on which you would expect to have a ghostly experience.

It took her a while to remember where he was buried since she hadn't been back to his grave since the funeral. She eventually found it. There were no flowers at all on the grave. It looked as if my uncle had been forgotten by his four grown children.

Anyway, Momma got out of the car with the flowers she'd brought, leaving the car running, pushing the door up to where it was almost closed. She bent down to arrange the flowers on the grave, telling my uncle how sorry she was that she hadn't visited since the funeral.

After arranging the flowers on the grave, she stood up saying her farewells then turned and started toward her car. Halfway to the car, Momma stopped dead in her tracks, startled to hear her radio, which she never turned on, start to play and the driver's side door, which she'd closed almost too, slowly open wide. She wasn't scared, just taken aback for a moment. Recovering herself, she smiled and told my uncle that she was glad he knew she was there and that she would visit again soon. She sat down in the driver's seat then, feeling a soft, cool caress on her cheek, she pulled the shift down into drive and drove away...

Cheryl, GA, USA
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