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He Will Be With The Dead

Victoria, WA, USA
August 2015

I was only four or five years old but I remember her as clearly as possible. She was beautiful. Long, dark hair with pale skin. Her skin was sickly pale, but back then I was thankful to have a friend. She had long nails and black eyes. They didn't scare me one bit. Her name was Sarah. She also lived in my closet.

One day while sleeping I heard a cry. Not a child's cry, this was somebody screaming bloody murder. I woke up, dazed and confused, and I stumbled out of my bed. The scream didn't stop or even get quieter. It was coming from the closet. As I opened the door to my closet, I saw Sarah cuddled up in the closet with a shadow hovering over her. Something bald, long, long , long black nails, and white skin, like it'd been painted white. It had deep, black holes where eyes should be. I asked Sarah what it was, and she said Coco. The thing disappeared, but it reappeared shortly after and whispered, "I have her soul replaced with the devil."

Sarah acted as an imaginary friend would, but now she'd go places other than the closet and watch us. She'd watch with a smile and blood would drip from her eyes. Back then, I thought it was just a red liquid like punch and she'd spilled, but it was blood and she didn't spill at all. Eventually, Coco turned up again. He scratched my back and left three thin puncture marks. I talked to my family about Coco and Sarah and pointed out three nails poking out of the closet wall that weren't there before. They ignored it, and so did I until my two aunts were babysitting me.

When my mom went to work, my two aunts were in charge. We heard plates crashing but nobody was there. We saw the plates crash, but only I saw Coco standing there. I yelled, "SARAH HIDE!" And the bathroom door shut and locked. The light was on until Coco lunged towards it, and then it shut off and Coco disappeared. Sarah came through the door, thanked me, and I began to cry. A light shined on her, and she said she had to leave to a good place. I asked where's Coco and she said, "I'll be with the angels, he will be with the dead ones. He's bad." I never saw Sarah again.

I've thought about her all the time. About seven years have passed, and I've devoted my life to the paranormal and finding Sarah. She was a little girl, older than me, and Coco was a demon. But since then, the paranormal has become my life. This is 100 percent true!

Victoria, WA, USA
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