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Head in a Basket

Chris, South Carolina, USA
May 1998

Hey guys, my name is Chris. I like to start off by letting everyone know this story i'm about to tell you was not my own experience but one of my families about a century and a half ago. Here it goes from what I've been told.

One day George took Julia out on the town and they had a splendid time. He took her on the ferry and when they got back he used all his hard earned money to buy the best dinner he could. It was was past twilight when they finally got back to Julia's house. After chatting for a few minutes he gave her a good night kiss and promised to see her the next day. George live about 2 miles from Julia on the straight county road but nobody went that way because there was a shortcut that cut it down to a mile or so. George decided to take the shortcut obviously and he was making it home fast. After walking about halfway home, he noticed a woman walking on the same shortcut ahead of him. He wondered what a woman was doing out so late on a dark road like this?. He quickened his pace till he was right behind her. He asked the woman,"Uh miss, is everything ok?" She said everything was fine and that she was walking to her aunts house for a late night snack. He noticed she was carrying a basket with her and he said,"May I help you carry that basket?". "Sure," she replied,"but be careful to not let the sandwiches to fall out." George said ok and put the basket in his arms and continued walking with the mystery woman.

After walking a few minutes, they struck up a conversation. I don't know what is was about obviously, but from what I know George was trying to keep it light and funny because it was dark and he didn't want to frighten the lady. Eventually he made some jokes and the woman started laughing. The bonnet covering her face would shake and the way she moved her body you could tell she was truly in humor. The only problem was it didn't sound like the laughter came from underneath the bonnet, it sounded like it came from beside George. It sounded like it came from the basket he was holding. George freaked and dropped the basket. As it opened a cackling head full of blond hair rolled out. George tried to scream but he couldn't. He turned to the woman and noticed the bonnet was gone. As a matter of fact, everything above her shoulders was gone. So George did the only thing he could do. He hauled ass like a champ. He ran for what seemed like forever and he finally looked over his shoulder. From what he told people after this experience, its something he will never ever forget. He saw the lady running after him, head in her hand, holding it by the hair, and the head was laughing its ass off like it just came from Def Comedy Jam or something. Anyway George just kept running and running. He jumped over anything that got in his way. After running he saw his house up ahead. He kept running and jumped over a creek that borders the area he lived in. As he ran over near his house, he looked back and saw a curious sight. The woman was standing there, head still in hand by the creek. Evidently what you hear that spirits cannot cross running water is true. The entity could not cross and so George was safe.

Chris, South Carolina, USA
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