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Headless Ghost, The Blue Light

Neil, TX, USA
January 2006


I haven’t really had many personal experiences with the paranormal, which is a shame really, because I’ve always been fascinated by the subject. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved scary movies, and loved the adrenaline rush that comes from being scared. However, the thought of being haunted by a poltergeist or waking to a ghostly figure sitting at the foot of my bed isn’t really appealing either, so I guess I’m good with the two experiences I’ve had.

The first experience happened while I was attending Texas Tech University in 1993. After class one day, I overheard a conversation that involved the word "ghost". My ears perked up and I requested an immediate summation of what happened. I got the location of the ghostly sighting and the steps one must take in order to see the ghost. The ghost appears at a residential intersection, Memphis and 66th St?.but you must follow specific driving instructions in order to see it. The instructions were as follows: Drive on Memphis, past 66th St. until you get to 69th St. Then, you make a u-turn back towards 66th, but while doing so you must turn off your headlights. Then, slowly creep back to 66th?and a ghostly head-less figure will appear on that corner, leaning up against a street light.

So, that evening, I gathered two friends, who I’ll call Beavis and Wayne, and off we went. All of us were fairly skeptical and didn’t expect to see anything. We followed the instructions and started our slow creep back to 66th. We got about 40 feet from the streetlight and stopped. It’s a quiet neighborhood, so we sat there for a minute...then, we started to see a silhouette appear, then it took on a little more definition. At this point, my friends and I start freaking out, panicked and took off. After a few minutes, and few miles down the road, we gathered our composure and tried again, thinking our minds must have been playing tricks on us. We thought maybe out outbursts and comments during the initial sighting fed each others imagination.

We decided not to talk once we got back to the streetlight. We followed the steps again and sat silently in my car, starring at the light pole. It starts to happen again. Almost as clear as day, a man’s body with no head appears, leaning against the streetlight. His arms were down by his side, then, all of a sudden, he crossed them. At the same time, all three of us said, "oh crap, did you just see that!" Yea, we all saw it. Arms crossed, that did it for us.

We of course went back many times, all with the same result. The place started getting popular, and every Halloween there was a line of cars doing the same thing. One night, my friend Wayne decided he wanted to scare some people by leaning up against the pole and chasing after them when their car got close, however, he didn’t last long, saying he felt a tap on the shoulder. Local legend has it that a man got in a fight with his cheating lover, sped away from her house and got into an accident, flipped his car and was decapitated. Who knows, I’ve done Google research and couldn’t find anything?story seems a little contrived, but I swear the ghost is real.


The next experience happened back in the summer of 1998. A friend and I, who I’ll call Matt, because that’s his name, were hanging out one night in a field in Heath, TX?30 miles outside of Dallas, where we live. You see, my friend and I were raised in the city, but every chance we got we’d go out to the country, build a bonfire, drink a few beers and just talk about everything from the size of girls shoes to the state of the union. We usually have a few more friends with us, but they lamed out this night due to girlfriend obligations.

So, we ended up in a field in Heath, one that we’ve been to a few times before. The field was covered in 3 foot high grass and scattered trees. I had my dad’s truck that night, so off-roading through a sea of grass we went. We ended up near a clump of trees so that we couldn’t be seen from the dirt road, as we were trespassing. With the grass so high, we decided it best to sit in our lawn chairs in the truck bed. We sat facing each other, a habit we formed in order to watch each other’s back.

Well, we had been out there for a few hours, and it was getting close to 11:30 pm. I was listening to Matt talk about something, when all of a sudden, the left side of his face started to reflect a blue light. I immediately thought, oh crap, here comes the owner of the property? thinking it was someone with a flashlight coming towards us. We turned our heads to where the blue light was coming from. It was coming from the middle of a clump of trees no more than 20 feet away from us. There were three trees, in somewhat of a triangle. The strange thing was that it wasn’t moving, it was omni directional and that its source seemed to be about 25 feet high. We never saw the actual light, just the glow that it emanated.

Anyways, the light lasted for about 3 to 4 seconds, which seemed like an eternity, and then it went out. We sat there stunned, still waiting for someone to emerge from the trees. There was nothing. It was perfectly quiet, and with all of the dead, high grass around, there was no way for anyone to get that close to us without being heard. Still freaked, we jumped in the truck and circled the trees to see if anyone was around?there was no one. It was beginning to hit us that whatever caused that light, was not human.

We decided to head back home, so we made our way through the field back to the dirt road some 70 yards away. Once we got back to the dirt road, we noticed a small abandoned cemetery directly across from the field which we never noticed before?goose bumps immediately emerged. We have been back the field a few times, but never again experienced the Blue Light. That kinda sucks, but like I said, I’m good with the two experiences I’ve had.

Thanks for reading.

Neil, TX, USA
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