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Headless Spanish Lady

Jamie, Georgia, USA
December 2005

This is a story relayed to me by a dear friend. This friend of mine grew up in Central America, Nicaragua to be exact. He is a well educated and credible individual that is why I find this story to be of particular interest. The story goes as follows.

My friend was a child of about 5 or 6 when the incident occured. He states that he was in bed at the time, about to doze off when he heard what sounded like the scratching of rusty tyres like that of an old cart. This screeching was accompanied by the sound of moaning. According to my friend these sounds were coming from the street. He got out of the bed and looked in the direction of the moans (his bedroom had a barred Spanish style window that was open). He states that what he saw next burned an image in his mind that he will never forget.

As he looked out the window there stood a lady with a wheelbarrow. This lady he claims was completely headless and just sort of wobbling around aimlessly with the wheelbarrow in tow. He describes her as wearing Spanish Colonial style dress, very formal, like that of a person from a high birth. He says that at first he felt fear, so much so that he urinated himself however he could not tear his eyes from the image. He says that it could have not lasted no more than a minute before it just faded away, stating that the image was like a projection. Not very solid and seemed to flicker in and out before vanishing completely.

Interestingly, I have been to this beautiful country and seen the area where this incident supposedly occured. The countryside is rich in history. According to my friends grandmother a noblewoman was beheaded by her husband after she was caught being unfaithful. Why a woman from this time period and high standing would want or need a wheelbarrow I do not know.?

Jamie, Georgia, USA
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