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Headlight Horror

Washington, USA
April 1999

My friend and I decided to drive to the cemetery where my friend had been buried on Memorial Weekend in 1998. It was about 9:50 P.M. when we left. It takes 30 minutes to get to the secluded cemetery so we didn't arrive to our destination until 10:30 P.M.. When we pulled into the cemetery I told my friend that I didn't feel comfortable so I didn't want to get out of the car. I didn't realize the cemetery would be so dark. I figured there would be some lighting. However, this small cemetery was out in the middle of nowhere. She told me I needed to get out of the car and deliver my flowers to my friend because we had driven all this way just to do that. Well, I did ask her to take me all this way so I reluctantly got out of the car and attempted to find my friends grave.

My friend left her headlights on so that we could see a little bit. As we were walking by the tall graves a black cat ran out from behind one of the graves. I said, "All right that's it, we're leaving." My friend, the bravest tomboy, told me to get over the minor sighting and to continue my search. Well, I couldn't find her grave so I put the bouquet of fresh flowers next to one of the many trees. I knew she would know I came to visit her, even if I didn't get to set the mix of colorful flowers next to her grave. As we headed back towards my friends Miyata we noticed the small memorial building at the top of the cemetery. It had one small blue light at the entrance. The building was like the size of my bedroom, which isn't very big at all. My friend, as curious as she is, decided to drive up to the building to take a good look. We drove up to the building, past the front of it, and pulled around to the side of the building to turn around. As my friend backed out her headlights hit the side of the building. Standing there, in between two bushes, was a young boy, around 13 or 14, and his eyes were glowing. He was very, very pale, like ice. We were so scared we couldn't even scream. My friend pulled out of there so fast and we sped away. As we drove down the long driveway, we took one last look back. In front of the building's blue light was an old run down car. We now believe that this was the ghost of a young boy who died in a car accident. Now here is why we believe this.

Why would there be a person standing next to a small, brick building at 10:30 at night? Why would his eyes glow? We thought that they might be the headlights hitting his eyes, but wouldn't a normal human be blinded and turn their head or cover their eyes? This just makes it make it seem more like the boy was a ghost. Also, when we drove in front of the building and first noticed the building, there wasn't a car in sight. Plus, we would have heard a car drive pass us. It was completely silent out in the middle of nowhere and the cemetery isn't very big. And we know it wasn't a prank because we didn't tell anyone where we going up there, we just up and went. I know we saw a ghost and so does my friend.

Washington, USA
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