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Heartache Under The Stairs

Victor Lewis, Illinois, USA
February 2000

My story begins with the purchase of our new home, it was a 2 Story Farm House with need of a little TLC. The first day we began to clean the cobwebs out and brighten the interior. Under the stairs was a storage area with a locked door, which needed a key to get into, which we never had. The house had been empty for years. I called the owner for a key she brought it by the next day.

As the days went by the old house looked better & better. Soon we were to move in, (which would never happen). We went to finish the cleaning of the space under the stairs and the lights would not work. We tried everything, fuses, bulbs. We then called an electrician which as you can guess said no problems and turned the lights right on, to our surprise. That afternoon we opened the door to the space under the stairs again, a cold chill ran through us, the hair on my neck stood up!! We checked the front door thinking we may have left it open, but it was shut. When we went back to the door it was shut, as we tried to open it, we couldn't budge it. I took a hard kick at it and must have sprained my ankle the pain was horrible.

We called a locksmith and yes the door opened right up. We knew then something wasn't right with the space under the stairs. But being the curious people we all are, I had to see what was under the stairs. As I walked in (this was a large area) there were pictures of a child, a young girl around 6. There was a newspaper article telling she had been hit by a car and died. We called the previous owners and they said people in town believed a man, whose daughter had gotten killed, couldn't take being around people anymore and used to sleep there, he had apparently died of heartache from losing his only daughter.

I couldn't handle the thought of how horrible that must be, and I believed he didn't want us to disturb his room of memories. We put the house back on the market and have not heard if the new owners had any such experiences.

Victor Lewis, Illinois, USA
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