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Hell House

Izzy, NC, USA
April 2009

My sister has a story on here, and mine is another one about strange things in our house.

Well, being home alone in that house is creepy enough, but since Livvy (my sister) told me about what happened to her, I wasn't happy about being there alone. Our dog, Starbuck, was at the vet, so I didn't even have him to protect me.

Thumping on the stairs was what I first heard. I dismissed it as the house settling, even though I knew it wasn't true. Next, the picture on the TV started flickering. I don't mean like the picture became distorted, I mean it actually was coming and going. Like, the picture would be there and then the screen would go gray. I turned off the TV, and it turned back on. Again, I turned it off, and it turned back on. I unplugged it, and it didn't come back on.

I ran to the phone, to call my mom or dad, and couldn't find it. Our phone is a cordless one and it's hardly ever where it needs to be. I ran around the kitchen searching, and couldn't find it at all.

Eventually, I gave up and ran outside. Once there, it began pouring rain, making me feel like I was in a horror movie. I remained outside until I thought it was safe to go back inside. Everything seemed alright, so I went upstairs to my room to dry off.

I got into my room and went over to my dresser, which has a mirror on top of it. Looking into the mirror, I expected to see my hazel eyes staring back at me, but I saw bright sky blue ones. I screamed, but couldn't look away. The girl staring back at me had deep brown hair and those bright sky blue eyes.

The girl was saying something, but I couldn't hear it. She had a strange look in her eyes that I couldn't place, but it made me uncomfortable. She was repeating the same thing over and over, that much I could tell. I slowly left my room, hoping to escape whatever was in my room, and her voice was growing in volume.

"Who are you? Why are you in Clarissa's room?"

It wasn't me who asked that, the mystery girl did.

"My name's Izzy, and this is my room."

My answer didn't satisfy her, it only made her angry.

"This is CLARRISA'S room! Not yours! Clarissa's!"

Once more, I ran out of my home into the safety of the rain. My mom and dad arrived home soon after with Livvy and Starbuck. Livvy ran to me and asked why I was outside in the pouring rain, and I told her everything. She'd experienced things in the house too, so she believed me right away. Our mom and dad caved, finally choosing to believe us, and we moved out of the house.

Before we left, I did some research on the house and found out that a girl named Clarissa used to live in my room before she died. Clarissa matched the girl who appeared in my mirror. I also found out that her father, the man who Livvy saw, used to live there as well, he was Clarissa's father.

Livvy and I now stay in the same room at our new house, and Starbuck stays in there with us.

Izzy, NC, USA
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