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Hello From Dad

Tammy, ON, Canada
May 2012

I lost my dear Dad (Henry) in March of 2011. It was likely one of the most poignant times in my life as I had never lost anyone close to me. I have been struggling with the fact that I don't feel him, I never dream about him even though I talk to him often. I like to think that the dimes, pennies and feathers I find are him saying hello but I still had nothing concrete so that I would know he is with me.

In April of this year (2012), I was meeting my niece at the cemetery so that I could show her where my sister is buried (she passed before I was born). My niece was running late and so I waited for a bit by myself. I took the opportunity to talk with my dad. I said out loud that this would be a good time for a sign as I was all alone and that I would love something from him. Ten or so minutes passed and nothing happened. My niece had not arrived yet so I shrugged it off and drove around the cemetery. As I went up and around a hill, I noticed a tombstone with a beautiful angel that had been placed there. It caught my eye and I was drawn to it. So drawn, that I pulled my car over and parked. I got out and walked toward the stone. I could not see the front of it as I approached it. I joked with myself and thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if it said , 'Hi Tammy.'" Hahaha. Well, I turned the corner to look at the angel that drew me and there on the stone was my name!! Not the correct spelling...but definitely my name "Tammie". I stood there in disbelief briefly but I don't think you could have wiped the smile off my face with a full open palm slap! I know there are skeptics, but I know that was my Dad!! I take it as a gift and all I can say is out of the thousands of stones in that cemetery, why on earth would I be drawn to that particular one after just having asked my Dad for a sign. You may say it's a coincidence, but I say it is LOVE and its wonderful to know that we go on and watch over our family just as my Dad watches over me.

P.S. Thanks Dad. I miss you too.

Tammy, ON, Canada
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