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Help From Dad?

Tess, Tasmania, Australia
July 2006

My father passed away three years ago, after suffering for thirty plus years with MS. It was hard loosing him, but also a huge relief for everyone, especially my mother.

The last morning with him was very special, he kept trying to tell us something and looking toward a corner of his room, as if he was seeing something or someone, we have often wondered if there was someone waiting to take him to the other side, he passed a half hour later, in our arms. (my two sisters and mother)
Although it is upsetting having someone you love pass in your arms, it is also something special. I don't rember how long after he passed when I had as strange experience.
I was on the net, reading ghost stories on "Castle of Spirits", I sometimes spend hours reading and exploring the site, this one night I was too lazy to get up off my bum and get my glasses, things were a little hard to see, I started grumping, I think I said something like "I wish these bloody words were a bit bigger", the computer started playing up like it had a mind of its own, then starting from the top the words started getting larger, after this happened the computer started to behave itself, at that moment I suddenly started thinking about my dad, I have quite often felt that he is with me.
Since this time every time I'm on the site the computer plays up, it scrolls itself down to the bottom of the page, and other similar silly things happen. Even trying to submit this story was an effort. The text is scrolling up on its own. I don't know for sure that it is paranormal or coincidence, I'll let the reader decide.
I hope that you have enjoyed my story.
Thank you for reading.

Tess, Tasmania, Australia
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