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Henry, Alex, & Oliver

Anonymous, CO, USA
October 2009

A couple weeks ago, I spent the night at my friend, Kat's house. Our other friend, Adri came joined us shortly after and we were having a good time. We ate ice cream and chilled, doing what sixteen year old girls do. Eventually, we started looking up scary games, which lead to looking up scary videos, which led to me showing them this site. We were reading the section concerning Ouija Boards, and we decided we kind of wanted to try it.

We printed the board that's found on this site, and got a shot glass to do it with, and we sat in a circle. We said the prayer on the board, hands linked, and then we started asking questions. We asked simple questions, "Is anyone here?" "What is your name?" "How old are you?" Things along those lines. The board seemed, to put it simply, alive. The glass was moving everywhere, answering quickly, now and then slowing down a bit, only to pick right back up shortly after.

After asking questions for a while, we found out that it was a little girl. Seven years old, who had lived in the house previously. She said she had fallen down the stairs. She spelled like a child and seemed to speak like one. Her name was Alexandra. We've been calling her Alex. We asked if anyone else was in the room. She said yes, Henry. When we asked who he was, she didn't answer. We started guessing family members, when we said "cousin," the glass went to yes. Then the glass kept going to my edge of the board. Kat asked something along the lines of, "Is Henry with Kendelle?" Alex said yes. She asked why, and Alex spelled out, "sister." I got scared, and extremely cold, but I let it go.

The next day, Adri and Kat spoke to Alex again after I'd went home. They said she'd been less friendly. She'd said, "perish." and went to goodbye. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, people say things like this all the time. Things about ghosts and Ouija boards, and they knew I'm a firm believer in spirits, so yes, I was skeptical about Alex.

We went back a couple of weeks later, and talked to her again. Again, we got to talking and Henry came up. And we asked where he was, and the glass almost came off of the board going to me. We asked why, and she said, "sister," again. Kat asked if it was that I looked like his sister, and Alex said, "yes." I got cold again. I couldn't stop shivering, but I still let it go.

We talked to her some more, and all in all it was an ok conversation, but it left us all kind of scared. Alex seemed so strong. We'd read about Ouija Boards and things and thought that the movement would be slow, but she answered almost immediately every time, and she seemed to like us.

About a week later, I went through a break-up. It was a painful time for me. One night I looked up at a picture of my newly ex-boyfriend and I, and I started crying. Then I got this sudden cold. It was the middle of Summer, and my skin felt hot, the whole room was stuffy and hot with the Summer air, and I couldn't stop shivering. I remember Henry and said, "Go away," out loud, and I got warm again.

That whole experience freaked me out. Over the next weeks, every time I would get upset, Henry would be there, but always left when I asked, which was kind of a comfort, despite the circumstances. I decided I wanted to talk to Henry. He was a child, like, Alex. She'd said he was eight years old, and I hoped he'd be willing to talk to us like she had.

The three of us got together one night to try it. We asked if Henry was there, and the board said, no. We asked who it was and it spelled out, "Oliver." With much questioning, we found out that Oliver was Henry's older brother. In his thirties. Oliver too, seemed to like me. He would move to the end of the table, and we had to catch him and put the glass back on the board a few times. This scared me. I was cold again. And what was surprising, Oliver had a completely different personality than Alex. He answered differently, longer words, which would make sense, since he was not a child. He was impatient. The glass would rotate or jostle if we stopped talking for two long. And he didn't like us to interrupt him or try and guess what he was spelling, while Alex would simply go to yes if we guessed correctly. Oliver seemed meaner, to be honest.

We had to stop when Kat's parents got home. We tried again later, after everyone had went to bed, and this time, we lit a candle. We asked if it was Oliver. "No." Was it Alex? "No." It was Henry this time. We talked to him, and he too seemed to have different habits. If we were quiet for a long period of time he would make circles on the board, and he didn't spell correctly in the slightest, as many eight year olds don't, especially in the time period he said he was from, the 1800's. He moved to the edge of the board just like Oliver had. It scared me, them being so close to me, and that I could feel them.

In the past weeks, I'd become accustomed to Henry being there when I was upset, or even sometimes when I wasn't. The sudden inner cold even though the room was hot, and my skin was hot to the touch... I still couldn't stop shivering.

We asked Henry to blow out the candle. It flickered a bit more deliberately, but it didn't go out. Henry started making circles with the glass again, we assumed out of frustration. Then the glass started moving violently towards the candle. Hitting it, trying to knock it off of the table, which had a lip that made this nearly impossible. After about ten minutes of this along with much circle making, the glass hit the candle HARD, and it did fall over. The wax got all over the carpet, and we all screamed. Kat and Adri both moved their hands off of the glass, jumping. We stopped soon after that, we were all kind of scared, and shocked that Henry had done something like that.

I started feeling Henry again, or I thought it was Henry. I'm pretty sure now that it's Oliver. He was more aggressive with the board, and now when I get the cold feeling, when I feel them/him/it, he doesn't leave. Henry ALWAYS left when I asked him to.

Then, a couple of nights ago, I was in my room. I got the cold and I told him to go away, and he didn't, so I knew it was Oliver. The my light went off, not the light went out; the bulb was fine, but the actually switch went down. I went downstairs and slept in the living room for two nights, then I came back up. As soon as I stepped into my room again, it got cold again.

I'm getting over the chills, and I may still be a bit skeptical about the board. I mean, one of my friends could have moved the glass, but these are both girls that I trust, and neither of them could give me those feelings of another presence. That cold, that's not something someone can force on me. I'm getting that cold and that feeling more and more often, and it's still kind of freaking me out, but I don't think that they want to hurt me.

Now me, Kat, and Adri are trying our best to consider Alex, Henry, and Oliver as friends....

Anonymous, CO, USA
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