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Her Invisible Friend and The Man That Never Was

Josh, PA, USA
November 2006

There are a few stories that I would like to share here.

When I was 16, I was living with my parents and 2 sisters. My youngest sister, Maddie, was only 4 and had an imaginary friend in which she called Sarah. Being that my parents both worked, I would be the one getting them off the bus and babysitting until my parents got home.
Maddie played with Sarah every day after she got home from school and finished her homework. At times, she would randomly approach me and ask if I wanted to play with them and sometimes I would. Well, my mom started to notice little things moving from place to place such as keys, silverware, candles etc. She was watching a TV show with Sylvia Brown and it said to burn a white candle and tell the spirit to go to God. So she did so. Nothing had happened for a while and Maddie made no mention of Sarah for a few months. We decided that we would consult my aunt who was psychic and see what she had to say about Sarah.
She described Sarah as a young girl about 11 or 12 with a pink dress and purple accented flowers. We left it at that and nothing had happened.
About 2 years later I had a dream that I was driving towards my house with my cousin at about 2 or 3 in the morning. As we started to get close to my house, I had noticed that there was a girl coming out from the alleyway beside it. I had convinced him that we needed to stop and see if she was ok. As we got closer, we noticed that she became a pale gray and looked very angry. She was wearing the same exact clothes that my aunt described and that I had forgotten about! She then threw a brick towards his windshield and it dissipated as it went through him. Then the dream ended.
My brother had just moved in with his family and my newborn nephew. He is tall, about 6'5". He frequently walked outside to smoke. One time he got out of bed and walked through the back door to have a cigarette. My sister-in-law thought that he had come inside and watched him walk through the doorway from the kitchen. She got up to give him a hug and walked right through the apparition of a tall man.
A couple months later, my dad had caught me smoking and I was in my room crying with the lights off. I felt a man place his hand on my shoulder and tell me everything would be alright and it was.
To this day we have not figured out who those spirits were. We did find out however that my town was an old slate mining town and where our house was, many miners and their families were buried there!

Josh, PA, USA
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