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Her Name Was Olivia

December 2002

All through our lives, my family has experienced strange things, paranormal things that most people dismiss or laugh off as imagination.

Most of these things occur around my Mom and every now and then, it has been known to happen to me or my siblings, especially me and my younger sister.

She had accepted that there was the ghost of an elderly lady residing in her room, having seen this woman multiple times growing up, and she was never afraid of her. But once, and only once, my sister woke the entire house screaming. We ran into the house, and my sister was curled up against the wall, sobbing and screaming. All she would say, over and over again, was "Her name was Olivia. Her name was Olivia." It took us hours to get the story out of her. She said she'd been sleeping, and something cold had run down her cheek, like icy fingers. She had opened her eyes and swore that a young girl was standing over her, with hateful, angry eyes. The spirit had begun throwing things around the room, crying that her name was Olivia, and the house was hers. Needless to say, this terrified my sister, who began screaming, and that is where we came in. There was nothing thrown around her room, however, and we just assumed it was a terrible nightmare.

For days afterwards, however, my sister refused to enter her room, and finally I took her to the library to look up our house, which is one of the oldest and largest in our small town.

It was built in 1919, and had belonged to various people throughout the years. We researched the owners, and much to my horror, we found a young girl, named Olivia, who had been a grand child to one of the owners, and who had died at the young age of 23.

Nothing more was ever mentioned about Olivia in all of our research, and we eventually let it go. My sister still sees her old lady ghost, but she has never again seen Olivia, and we pray that we never will.

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