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Hickam AFB - Apollo Avenue

Amy, CA, USA
October 2006

My mother, sister, and I have always been sensitive to things not of this world, intuition, that sort of thing. Yet, nothing would have prepared me for what was in store for us next.

My father was stationed at Hickam AFB in 1989. We took the house out on Apollo Avenue because it had air conditioning. Not long after living there, things began to happen. The front bedroom (at the end of the short hallway) was impossible to sleep in. It was my 8-month-old son's room, but he never slept in it. One night, my sister wanted to sleep in the room to see why he woke up screaming every time we put him in his crib fast asleep. That night, her blankets were pulled off and the room was extremely cold. She pulled them up, and they were pulled off again. That happened once more before she said she couldn't take it anymore and came back to the bedroom we shared (all three of us).
We always heard our names being called like someone was whispering in our ears. Mostly this happened as were were walking up and down the stairs. We saw a few ghosts during our stay there. I saw a woman in a black dress sitting in the upstairs bathroom at the end of the long hall. She looked sad and made eye contact with me as I reached the top of the stairs. My bedroom was right next to the bathroom; and not only did I have her staring at me, I had that uncomfortable feeling pouring out from the front bedroom. YIKES!
My sister saw a woman in white, like a nursing type uniform, floating up the stairs. My mother had someone climb in bed with her. She thought it was my father coming to bed, but when she turned over to say goodnight, there was no one there. She saw an impression though where something was lying. My father saw a shadow figure in his bedroom doorway one night. He thought it was one of his daughters, so he asked if we needed something. The shadow didn't answer. That next morning, he asked us who came to his room and why we didn't answer him? We were astonished. No one had gone in his room.
One night, my sister wanted to leave my parents a note to wake her up that morning but they were asleep already, so she wrote a quick message on a piece of paper that she slipped under the door into the hallway. Our parent's room was across the hall. Not long after she pushed it out, she heard a set of limping footsteps coming down the hallway. It stopped next to our door (as if it were reading the letter) and then limped back down the hallway towards the stairs.
Another night, my sister and I were staying up late and decided to head to bed. We turned everything off and started up the stairs. When we reached the top, we heard voices, like a party, going on downstairs. My sister was curious. She snuck back down the stairs halfway and peeked around the wall quickly to see. The voices stopped immediately. She started back up the stairs again. When she reached the top, the voices started again. We RAN to our bedroom.
My son was always playing with an unseen figure. Peek-a-boo over the back of the recliner one time when he was one-year-old. Then, when he was about 2-years-old, he started talking about a boy named Bobby. I made him his lunch one day and my son took it to the bottom of the stairs. He set his food down on the first step and called up the stairs "Bobby!" That was pretty creepy.
Things always disappeared, our keys, the hammer which we finally found the day we were moving in an ice chest that had been stored in the back of the closet under the stairs most of the time that we lived there. Also, we all fought amongst one another daily during the 3 stay. I remember how much hate we all had towards one another, it hung in the air. Lots of many other things happened -things moving, clunking noises and footsteps, etc. When we moved, my mother made a point to tell the spirits that they couldn't go with us. They had to stay there. I wish I was older and knew how to help them find their way to the light. I hope they've reached it.
I saw that there was another account of a house on this same street on your site and I'm curious to know if they lived in the same house as we did. I can't remember the numbers exactly but I'm sure I can find out. I do know that it was in the "D" townhouse but I can't remember whether it was 2625, but that seems right to me if I were to guess it. I also DO remember finding out that those houses were built on the old flight line during the Pearl Harbor attack. It had been set up as a temporary morgue during that period.
I hope we find out more about it.

Amy, CA, USA
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