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Hide and Go Seek

Megan, NSW, Australia
April 2004

I have two stories to submit the first on is called Hide & go seek:

My sister and I were about 6 & 7 when this happened. We decided to play hide and seek one afternoon at my nan and pops farm where we use to live. I'm not sure how old the buildings are but I remember the house was very eerie.
Anyway it was my sister's turn so while she was counting I ran and hid behind and old rusted out car which remember this was BEHIND where she was counting. A few minutes later I heard her call out that she had seen me behind the old shed which was in FRONT of where she was counting and was about 10-20 metres away from where I was. So I ran out to tell her that I hadn't been hiding there she didn't believe me so I showed her exactly where I had hidden. We were a bit creeped out by this but we decided that we'd keep playing and that it was my turn. So I started counting while my sister went and hid. About a minute after I finished counting I saw something white (my sister was wearing something white that day I can't remember exactly what it was) flash through a gap in between a wheel of a truck which was pretty close to where we had been counting so I called out and said that I had spotted her behind the truck. My sister came out said that it couldn't have been her because she'd also been hiding behind where I had been counting but not in the same spot I was. We were a bit freaked out by this and decided not to play anymore and go inside.

You could put it down to little kids overactive imaginations but I asked my sister about it a few years later and she swore to me she really had seen me looking out at me and when she described what she'd seen to me and I realised it had looked that same way I had that day. Neither of us will ever forgot that day.

My nan's story

When my mum was just a baby my Pop used to do a lot of logging in the Comboyne Forest and my Nan and my Mum used to go with him and stay at a little hut sort of thing.

One day when my Mum was asleep my Nan was reading a book on a lounge, as well as watching my Mum, when she felt a strong tap on her shoulder. Thinking my Pop had come back, she turned around to see that nobody was there. That was enough for my Nan, she dropped the book she was reading and ran outside, leaving my Mum by herself (luckily she was asleep) and refused to go back in until my Pop came back.

Lucky enough nothing happened to my Mum; she was perfectly fine just a little hungry.

Megan, NSW, Australia
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