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Hide And Seek (1)

April 2003

It was just the other night when I laid myself down to fall asleep and I reached over and turned off my lamp. Laying my head on the pillow, I glanced to the open door leading to the hall and noticed a kind of mist floating in the doorway. I lived alone so I couldn't call for anyone to come and see. I reached over and turned on my light and the mist disappeared.

Being the curious person I am I turned off the light again and the mist was sitting there in the doorway again. I thought it was just my eyes playing with me so I kept staring at the mist until I noticed that it was in the shape of a girl. Probably about 3 feet tall but I could only see the outline. Then in a mumbled sort of voice I heard her say, "Come find me" or something of that sort. I was really scared at this point so I just pulled the covers over my face with shaking hands.

About 5 minutes later I heard a humming sound so I pulled down the covers and looked again and the little mist shaped like a girl was a step closer. This time she had eyes, but was missing everything else. Her eyes were a light baby blue. She said again "Come find me". Being completely freaked out now I got up to "Go find her" or see what she wanted and the second I started to get up, the mist floated out of my room and down the hall. She was ahead of me and I didn't know where she went but it seemed like she was going to the kitchen. I walked in, opening the wooden door leading to the kitchen as a wind blew on me and I saw the mist appear and then disappear in a split second in front of the refrigerator so I walked toward it. I opened the giant door as a big black cloud shaped like the same little girl, with all of the features that she was missing before floated out of the refrigerator. Her eyes were as blue as before and her hair was as black as the midnight sky as she whispered, "You found me".

After this incident I never saw anything else happen in this house. I don't know who that was or anything about it but I hope to never play hide and seek again with that little girl ever again. This scared me to death and you may think I am crazy, but this is what happened to me.

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