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Hide and Seek (3)

Lizzy, TX, USA
June 2004

It all started while I was in high school. See I’m from a small town in Texas and when you're in a small town It Is difficult to find exciting things to when your 16. Thank god I had friends that lived in the Neighborhood to hang out with.

My neighborhood was in the old part of town a bunch of HUGE old Victorian style houses that took up whole Blocks it was quite beautiful. The only bad thing was that right where the neighborhood ended the cemetery began and my friend Josh’s his house was right there. His back yard was a cemetery. So usually a bunch of us would hang out on his deck in the back yard.

One night at about midnight we got the idea to play hide and go seek in the cemetery. The cemetery was quite large it was as big a 10 city blocks and very old with a lot of tall gravestones and statues of angles, etc. Since there were 6 of us we decided to hide in pairs because Ashley did not want to hide alone. So josh and I counted while everyone else took off running into the cemetery. I told josh I wasn't scared so we split up to look for Ashley, James, Chris And Nate. I was about 4 blocks away from Josh’s house with no flashlight and only the light of the moon to lead me, when I came upon a shed that was in the middle of the cemetery. It was probably used to keep tools or whatever. Just then I heard a large ruckus coming from that direction and I saw a faint light coming from the shed, it was about 25ft away so I ran towards the shed thinking it was one of my friends.

As I approached the shed it was obvious someone was locked inside. The door was shaking like someone was trying to get out by banging on the door but there was a large metal rod that was not allowing it to open. The eerie thing was I could hear someone crying inside. I immediately thought it was Ashley. So I removed the large metal bar and opened the door and to my surprise there was nothing there except some tools and an old lantern that had no candle. All of a sudden the door started slamming violently but there was no wind and it was pitch black. The moon seemed to have disappeared from the sky. I was really freaked out so I dropped the rod and started sprinting towards josh’s deck (which was not in sight). As I ran I could hear crying, I tried looking back as I ran but I tripped on a gravestone. While I attempted to rise to my feet I could see the light flickering from the shed and the door was slamming. I shot up and ran at a ludicrous speed. Finally I reached the deck. All of my friends had gotten back 30 minutes ago and had started to worry about me. Ashley pulled me aside and told me she could have sworn she herd me crying while her and Nate were hiding. They started to look around and found nothing so they hi-tailed it back to josh’s house. After that I told her what had happened.

The next day at around noon we went in search for the shed we walked all over that cemetery but I never found the shed.

We don’t play hide and go seek anymore at least Ashley and I don’t.

Lizzy, TX, USA
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