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Logan Braasch, WI, USA
May 2003

"On this earth that exists under the concavity of the heavens, nothing is seen that horrifies more, that provokes fear more, that ravishes more... than the monsters we possess within us."

- Peirre Bauoslin

Never in my life have I been terrified more than what I saw on a highway about a year back. This highway was nothing out of the normal, it was quiet, the speed limit was at 45, and it had no history of hauntings.

It was a cool and dark Spring night and the moon rose high. The trees looked like monsters that were looking down upon me. I was alone and just driving, thinking about things. The radio was turned off. There's a stretch in the road by an old building that served as a picnic house because the yard next to it had a park. I can't remember the last time I saw anyone there, any kids. I was distracted and a little stressed out and was looking at the old picnic house when I saw a figure in the middle of the road. I couldn't make out what it looked like at that point. It was a man though, human. I swerved out of the way the moment I saw him, hitting the brake hard. I was nearly thrown into a ditch but came to abrupt stop when I hit a tree, my car steaming, broken.

I was mad. Who wouldn't be? And a little madness mixed with stress and family problems didn't make good.

I got out of the car limping and bleeding a little from the head and walked towards the figure, swearing at him. "What the hell are you doing standing in the middle of the road, man!" I yelled. The figure had its back turned from me. The man was wearing a trench coat and turned around to face me. This man's face was every scary movie you could see, this man's face was white, his eyes red, glowing like fire. The best way to put it is that I was alone with a man on a highway, who almost killed me, has no face, and red eyes. The make up of his face was inhuman. I would waste my time trying to describe it to you. It looked like it had been burned or like someone had thrown hot grease all over him. His face was so visceral and frightening that I let out a scream of terror. The man opened his mouth and laughed like he heard a joke, the laugh was vibrant, bloodcurdling. What was even more bloodcurdling was the screams and moans he let out as I began to run away and he began chasing after me. I was beyond petrified, I was so scared.

I kept looking back as I ran and ran and saw that his eyes were taking on the form of red and yellow. Soon his voice came closer and closer to me which meant that he had to be getting closer and closer to me. The sounds that thing was little out now sounded like he was crying and screaming and moaning at the same time. It was so high- pitched and loud at some point that I had to cover my ears and soon I could feel the man's breath on the back of my neck. The man's hand came up and grabbed my neck.

I can't remember much after this. All I remember was seeing a light coming down the road and then turning into two lights and then beeping and then me falling down, that terrifying scream echoing in the back of my head. I remember another figure coming up to me and screaming at someone to call an ambulance.

I woke up in the hospital and with a scream. My head and legs hurt a little. Then a nurse came up to me and said something that I couldn't hear. I just heard audible sounds and moans from somewhere. Then my parents came.

I stayed another night in the hospital and my hearing didn't come back for another two days. All I could believe was what I saw the night before and I was still afraid to even think of it.

My hearing disability was obviously caused by whatever that creature was that kept crying and screaming into my ears. My parents still tell me that when they came to see me that I was as white as snow.

In the daytime, about a month later, I went back to the highway with my friend Peter and saw some remains of my car which was taken to the dump a couple of weeks earlier. We came to where I remember seeing the man and walked around a little bit. We walked around the park through the woods. Peter almost couldn't believe what I had told him. But he did believe that something had to scare that crap out of me.

All I know is that this happened and I don't know who the man was, why he was chasing me, why he was screaming, why he had red eyes, why his face was all messed up, why he was in the middle of the road...I don't know anything. I just don't drive through that highway at night anymore.

Logan Braasch, WI, USA
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