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Highway Ghost

Kev, Alberta, Canada
October 1998

Since it's Halloween, I will tell a story about a very strange Halloween night I had once.

My friends and I were at a Halloween party. In order for us to get to the party, we had to take the highway. It was pretty common to take the highway from one place to another, so we took the highway in hopes of getting there quicker. I was driving the lead car and my friend was directly right behind me. As we drove, we passed by a cross made of flowers (that usually means that there was an accident on that location and the driver died). I felt real uneasy as I passed by that cross. I guess I just didn't like being reminded of my own mortality.

We arrived at the party and partied into the wee hours of the night. As we left, my friends decided it would be a great idea to come to my house to party some more. So we drove towards the direction of my house, taking the highway to get there. As we drove closer to the cross on the side of the road (enough for me to see it's shape), I realized that there was a man standing beside that cross. As my car passed by, I made a comment to my girlfriend as to who that might have been. My girlfriend gave me a strange look, but my buddy from the back seat said it could have been a drunk guy wandering at night. Curious because my girlfriend seemed confused by our statements, I asked her if she saw the man by the road next to the cross? She was very confused and said she saw nothing.

We finally reached by house and the car following us pulled up beside my car. My friends from the other car got out and I started to ask them about the man on the road. They looked at me as if I was crazy and said there was no one there. Naturally, my buddy and I turned pale.

To this day I still don't know what exactly I saw, but my buddy and I are the only ones that saw the man. Could he have been the victim who died in the accident?

...Well, you decide.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Kev, Alberta, Canada
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