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His Best Friend

Karla, Wisconsin, USA
March 2000

When my sister was about 3 years old we moved to this large house in a small town. At first I didn't feel the presence of anything strange but my mother did. I took no note of her because at the time I did not believe in that paranormal stuff.

One day when my little sister was upstairs playing in a little kitchen that was in the upstairs bedroom, she started talking to someone. I could hear her downstairs and wondering what she was doing, knowing that there was no one else up there, I went upstairs to check up on her.

I asked her who she was talking to and she replied "the little boy, don't you see him?". I said "no" trying to figure out what she was talking about. Thinking she was being dumb I left the room.

The next day she was talking to this thing again. I asked "what does your friend look like?" and she said" he has brown hair and blue eyes" I replied "oh". The next day my older sister brought her kids over, who seemed to always find trouble, and her son began to make his way upstairs. He came down screaming. I asked him what was wrong and he said the little boy scared him. I asked "what little boy?" and he said "the one with the blue shorts on". Thinking he was being silly I ignored him.

He soon forgot the boy upstairs and went on to another room to make racket. After he left with my older sister my younger sister came downstairs and said "I hate it when Mark comes over because my new friend gets really angry and his eyes look like blood". She also said that the little friend of hers gets really mad at her and hits her. I said "yeah right" and went into my room.

That evening my little sister came screaming into my room. I asked her what was wrong and she said that her friend hit her. Trying to humor her I said "where?" she then showed me her arm and there was a very large welt on it like someone hit her very hard. Knowing my dad was at work and mom was outside and that maybe she wasn't lying I went upstairs to see if I could see anything. Nothing.

A couple of days passed and my sister didn't talk about the boy until we were outside and we were talking to our neighbor. He was telling us about how his best friend lived in that house when he was little. I told my little sister to describe the little boy to our neighbor and he gasped as if astonished that my sister knew him. He showed her a picture and she said that was her friend. Goose bumps went down my back. I didn't want to believe that there was something in my house. The neighbor went on telling us about how his friend died just a couple of years ago.

I always heard about you going back to your favorite time of your life when you died but I didn't think it was possible until one night when my best friend came over to stay the night. We were lying in the dark when a bright light started glowing in the corner. Looking out my window trying to figure out where the light came from I heard my friend scream. I looked away from the window and there stood a young boy with brown hair and blue eyes. He was about 7 years old. I thought maybe he doesn't want to hurt us so we somehow managed to fall asleep.

I never saw him again but during this summer I could still hear my sister talking to him upstairs and occasionally my mom caught a glimpse of him watching her doing laundry in the basement.

We moved from that house about 6 1/2 months ago because my sister (who was about 2) started having violent and horrible dreams. When I drive past the house I still feel his presence and once in a while I sit and think about him. Feeling sorry that he died but being thankful he is happy where he is and that he will always be in his house. Next to his best friend.

Karla, Wisconsin, USA
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