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His Name Is Joe

Ashley, MN, USA
February 2011

My name is Ashley and I just wanted to write about my experience.

I live in a house with my Grandma, Dad, Sister, Uncle, and Aunt. We moved into this house when my Grandpa died and he passed on the house to us.

It all started one night when I had some friends over after a school football game. We were downstairs in my room and we were just talking and messing around.

All of a sudden my uncle's bedroom door slammed, right in front of our eyes. Everyone was so scared. That was the first time anything had happened. Then a couple weekends later my friend was spending the night, well we went to bed. In the middle of night she woke up and she saw a figure that was about the size of a little boy and was like shiny. She said he was leaning over the bed whispering my name. After that I was really scared to even go into my room.

A couple days ago my cousins were over and we had a Ouija board. I know that's stupid, but we wanted to know what was going on in my house. The only response we got that actually made sense was.. "I'm Joe. " That's about all the significant activity that I've had in my house.

Thanks for reading.

Ashley, MN, USA
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