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His Sudden Appearance

Karen, Philippines
October 2012

So this is my story. There was this young man who always appear every now and then in the most unexpected time. He is more likely an Asian man than any, just the whitest kind. Maybe about 5'8" in height, has thick full bangs up to the tip of his pointy nose making it impossible to see his eyes. He wore a never changing outfit of brown t-shirt, faded jeans and an invisible shoes on his invisible foot. His debut was when I was in my first year in high school during our science lesson, 1pm in the afternoon(by the way I'm in my last year of high). He stood by our classroom's door. No one was making a fuss like always just to say "mam there's a visitor". My teacher also appear not to noticed him at all even though he's standing there, as still as a stone. He was looking straight at first so I didn't care much and continue on writing. But then an urge to look up pushed my button to glance if he was still there after almost an hour. And he actually was, and he was actually looking straight to my way. So I thought "GREAT!"

My first year in high was the year with the most frequent visit from him. Almost everyday. He appears just about everywhere. Whether it's on a buildings roof, the neighboring roof's roof, or behind the pole... He's always there with an addition of looking at me(I don't know why but the exceptions are toilets or bathrooms. He's a shy one). I told this to my closest friend, she just told me that I have an admirer. Well that's nice, in real life I don't have any, guess I'm bound in an existence from an afterlife.

On the second year of my high school, there was never any appearance on the first half-year. I'm just about to celebrate for the disappearance of a ghostly admirer, when one night, alone in my room just about to sleep, I opened my balcony so that the moonlight serves as my night light. I'm halfway to dreamland when I felt a presence dawning from above me. I knew right away that it was him, and so I bolt to sit upright and saw him. The thought that I could touch him automatically send my right hand under his bangs and push it up. Surprisingly, I felt I touched matter and saw his eyes in the middle of the darkness with the help of the moonlight before he disappeared. Just disappeared. I remembered it clearly, the left was emerald green and the right was watery blue. Like a cat's eyes. I didn't felt fear at all or even goosebumps. First thing I did in the morning was check up on it on the net. Different eye-colored ghost, and I didn't get any good results.

That was the last time I saw him on my second year. Once every three or 4, or less or more months, he would reappear again. But he was now farther than the already far distance. Up until now he appears every now and then without joke. But now I don't bother about who and what he is anymore. I just let him be.

Karen, Philippines
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