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Historical Homestead

Trevette, Victoria, Australia
September 2004

My ex-husband and I decided to take a trip to the country and stay at a farm. We decided on a historical homestead near Kyneton, Victoria. A place called Malmsbury.

The homestead was on a huge acreage and included an 1880's shearing shed which was still intact. It stood like no other shearing shed I've ever seen from that era.

The road we travelled up was one kilometer on crude tarred road (enough for two cars...forget about a truck/move over) before reaching a very old row of pine trees (they were humongous and stately!) which was the original driveway to the main homestead. There was another driveway that arched around the original driveway which headed to the shearing shed and some other small sheds at the rear of the property.

On the first night we were quite tired and went to bed after dinner. Nothing untoward happened on that day or night (we didn't venture out!). On the second night we decided once the children went to sleep we would take a walk to the main road (1km each way). We walked out the front entrance (pine grove drive was parrallel to the home and the main 1km road/driveway ran across at the end of the pines to another house further away. (map would be handy...too much description)

It was then that I noticed how dark the night was (sliver of a moon) very dark though the sky was clear, diagonally to the left, across from the front of the old houses porch was the pine grove which was pitch black!

My ex was dilly dallying putting on his boots (I was looking forward to the walk) and I had time to pick up an odd feeling as though we were being watched by something or someone and that sensation was coming from the bowels of the massive old pines. (I then thought it was just that I wasn't used to the countryside at night, looking back I know I am). The most direct route was to walk through these pines so I dismissed the feeling and we started to walk into them on the main driveway, (those ominous still makes me feel spooked!)

We were around a third of the way and I felt as though something was all around me trying to get inside me with no warning (hmmm, I should have used the insight as enough warning) I almost strangled my ex I was holding him so tightly and had the feeling that I wanted to jump into him for refuge. I closed my eyes for fear I would actually see something in there as the presence was so intense and malevolent. I told him I was petrified though, he dismissed it. I've had these 'feelings' before but never so intense as this majestic pine grove. I adore nature, but this was an anomaly). We made it out of there, I was so relieved to see the main road and it was then that I explained to my ex what I felt in there. The long driveway had a sensation about it also but nothing like the restricting feeling I felt in the pines.

This may seem strange but the main driveway was like so exposed and so yin to the earlier encounter....the stars were breathtaking and almost extraterrestrial an experience....

On our return I stopped before I got to the pines waiting on my ex as he was lagging behind. I just stared at these pines which were odd and almost out of place as they were so huge. And, of course I walked the long way around those pines and each night after to avoid the spirit or spirits that dwelled and possibly/likely still dwell in there.

On the third night at dinner the owners of the property told us of the old miners who would stop at this particular farm starving, begging for food, as there luck was out on the gold fields! Castlmaine and Bendigo were thriving gold fields. The homestead is somewhere in the middle between there and Melbourne. It was mentioned that many a person would have perished in those days and I thought then 'yeah at your front gate!'. Farmers just couldn't hand out all of the time to the masses who asked for assistance. Beyond belief to us 'modern' people!

I took two photos of the pine grove driveway, even standing there at dusk taking the photos unnerved me. There was something in there that would make my heart race, with the sensation I should not be in there. Mind you I was barely, ever so barely in that grove...I thought that in the light I'd be safe...hehehehe..I was only one or two trees into the 20 or so pines!!!

When I finally had the photos developed (2 inside the pines) I dropped them on the floor in shock. I finally had evidence that my sensations were founded. At least I think (know) so.

Trevette, Victoria, Australia
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