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Hitchhiker In The Middle of Nowhere

Rafael Ortega, Nevada, USA
January 2004

I don't know if this is a story of a ghostly hitchhiker but it came to a conclusion with my family that this could of been an event of another hitchhiking ghost.

It all started last year (2003) at the end of summer around August, my family and I go to New Mexico for a yearly family reunion. Every year we go up to the families property which is 10 acres of land. Well, this part of the story is kinda important because the area we were at had no cities or towns near it, it was all mountains and grasslands.

After a couple weeks everyone left for home. After everyone left we started to head out back to Las Vegas Nevada were I live. Then, when we were on a highway in the middle of nowhere (and beleive me, in New Mexico, when I say nowhere, I mean no houses for miles, all desert) It got really dark and a bit foggy. As we were on the road, we all realised that we were the only car on the road. As we drove along, my sister saw something ahead of the car. Then, my mother (who was driving the car) slowed down since we were the only car on the road. As we got close to the object my mother flashed on the headlights. The fog was too thick to see clearly ahead. Then, all of a sudden, an old Navajo lady in an Indian robe walked right next to our car. We all screamed since we all saw her and my mom put the pedal to the metal and bolted as fast as the car can go.

We were all freaked out about the incident, but it only lasted about 10 seconds when we realised that person might have needed help. Maybe her car broke down around the area. So we went back to look for her.

She was nowhere to be found, and their was no car or even a house nearby. Just the road and the desert. We even got desperate and got out of the car to look for her. Of course, she was nowhere to be found. She couldn't of gone in the middle of the desert.

We never found her in the desert at all. We could only think of her old ghostly face and her dead eyes. Trust me that was an event I will never forget.

Rafael Ortega, Nevada, USA
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