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Holding Hands

March 2002

About eight years ago my Aunt Sharon died of cancer. She left behind two sons and a husband. Several months ago my mother had a dream about her sister. For some reason, in the dream my mom was laughing so hard at something (?) that she woke herself up (laughing). Not remembering the dream and only knowing that my Aunt was in it, she was a little confused, but went back to sleep.

This happened twice, and then again. The third time it happened my mother woke herself up crying while holding my Aunt Sharons hand. As she awoke and even minutes afterwards she could feel my Aunt's hand in hers. She said that she was shocked because she kept tightening her hand and could feel Aunt Sharon's hand---even when she was awake!!! This happened about a month after the horrible 9/11 event. I think my Aunt was comforting my mother, who at the time was highly concerned about my brother who was overseas in the Middle East (he is in the Air Force).

I think Aunt Sharon even visited me briefly one day too. I was alone in my apartment in the bedroom. I was thinking about my Aunt Sharon and that if she had lived, she would have been able to have met her now three grandchildren. Then, for some reason, out loud I said "You've seen them, haven't you?" A second later I heard a gurgle noise come from my humidifier that was right below me. This may have been a coincidence, but the humidifier had not been used in days AND I had not heard that noise since I last used it.

As silly as these may seem, I really believe that both incidences were my Aunt just letting us know that she's still with us and there is a life beyond.

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