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Holding The Baby

June 2000

Iwas staying in my friends house the day before our local Carnival. Myself and four others were dressing up as St Trinian girls.

At about 11 'o' clock we decided to turn in after a night feasting on chocolate and crisps e.t.c.

We were all sound asleep at about 12.30 when we heard a muffled scream. It came from her mothers room. Myself and my friend decided to investigate.

We ran in and saw her mother and father clutching her baby brother and looking petrified toward a figure that seemed to disappear as soon as we appeared! The scream had come from her mother. The baby had been sleeping on his front and a figure had come into the room (mum woke up) picked the baby up, gave him to his mum, and disappeared when we showed up.

The weirdest thing was that my friends sister had died aged 8, and her mum swears that it was she who saved the baby.

To this day I cant return to that house!

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