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April 2002

When I was younger, around seven or eight years old, I used to gravitate towards ghost stories, vampire books, and basically any reading material that had to do with the occult. But I had never experienced anything supernatural, although many times I wished I had.

My family bought a house in a pleasant neighborhood that had no, as I recall, history of anything bad ever happening; no car wrecks, grisly murders nothing at all. The only thing that would happen would be hurricanes and even then our area has never reported anything more serious than flash floods. Anyway, on with the story. My sister was younger than me and had a tendency of lying, so when she told me her experience I had a hard time believing her. It went as follows:

She was sleeping one night when she felt a pressure on the end of her bed, like someone sitting down on it. She woke up and saw the figure of a curly haired woman sitting there playing with the toys on her dresser. The figure stopped as if it knew that she had woken up and turned towards her and stared at my sister. My sister froze, and stared at it for a couple of seconds, but when she blinked it disappeared. I, of course, was skeptical about this experience until later I had one of my own.

When I was younger I used to be immensely afraid of the dark, and for this reason I had to sleep with the hall light on and my door open. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night to darkness, save the light from the street coming in my window. I looked at the ceiling for a couple of moments wondering why my door was shut and when I sat up to get out of bed to open it again, I saw a woman standing about five feet away from me. She had curly hair, and was standing completely still looking at me. But the part that scared me the most was the fact that when I looked at her face, I couldn't see any eyes. It was as if the places were her eyes should have been were blacked out, like she was hollow. I couldn't move for a couple of minutes and when I could I immediately put my head under the covers and stayed that way until morning.

I was telling my sister this story recently, as I hadn't ever told her before, and I started to describe the woman as looking like our mom. And then I remembered something I hadn't before, the thing I saw was wearing a nightgown my mother used to wear all the time. And when I mentioned it to my sister she freaked out and said that hers was wearing the exact same thing. But the thing is, I had asked my mom the day after I had the vision if she had come into my room and checked on me, and she swore she hadn't. And even if she had it didn't explain why she had disappeared when my sister blinked, or why she had no eyes where they should have been. And we had no idea, until I told her about mine, that we had seen the same person.

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