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Home Alone?

Mark, IL, USA
October 2000

Hi there. I haven't written in a while and thought I'd share another story from the house I grew up in.

Most of my experiences are only audio in form and poltergeist in nature and all of them occurred during my teen years (true to form, from all that I've read on the subject). This is the one I think is the scariest incident that happened to me. (If you're interested in precognitive dreams and the like you can read my first story in the August 1998 collection titled "Deja Vu") Anyway, here's my story.

I had a friend a few houses up the road whose habit it was to come down in the morning and pick me up to walk off to school. The routine was that I would get up, the house to myself, and go unlock the front door for him so he could come in without interrupting me. It was my habit to have my radio blaring in my bedroom 10 inches around the corner from the bathroom as I was getting wake me up. His routine was to come in, go straight down the hall and shut it off so that I knew he was there and so I could here him talk to me from wherever he was while I was getting ready. So that's the scenario this particular morning as well. I'll just describe it for you......

I was in the bathroom with the door shut to about 3 inches from the door jamb. I was looking in the mirror in front of me which gave me a rear view back out the bathroom door straight into the hall way where my bedroom door exits. Here's what happened :
( I happened to have a tape playing this one morning, FYI...) The tape shuts off, I hear jeans material swishing in my room from where the radio was sitting as if someone wearing jeans (as opposed to a girl in, say, a jean-skirt) was walking away from the radio into the hall. (remember, if you walked out of my room, I should see you instantly in the hallway..that's the view I had...) As the jeans noise made its way across my room and to the door way I looked up fully expecting to see my friend in the hallway. The jeans noise continued through the doorway, through my field of vision, past the bathroom door and on up to the end of the hallway and ceased!! There was NEVER one image to see as the sounds made their way on by!!!! I thought my soul was going to leave my body right there in the bathroom!!! That was the scariest time in my life so far!! I stood there for a few minutes getting my composure and then I set out to eliminate the obvious (I tend to be pretty level-headed under fire...even at times when it does take me a second to come back around). I went to my radio and looked at the tape to see if it shut off by itself as if the reel was being eaten by the player...nope, the tape was fine.....something pushed the stop button. Ok, out into the living room (past the end of the hall) one there. no one anywhere. I then checked the front door and found that i hadn't even unlocked it yet!! There's no way anyone COULD have been there now!! just to be sure, I called my friend and found him still asleep in bed! (bum! now we're going to be late) So I sat down and freaked out again upon realizing the only thing that could be left for an explanation! So, I eventually got over it and left for school to wait for the next event, whenever that would be.(I never had to wait long.)

Mark, IL, USA
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