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Home Alone (2)

NSW, Australia
February 2009

Me, my sister and my parents had just moved into this huge old house. We had just been there for two weeks until the 27th of August 2008 when my mother and father had left me and my sister for a week in this huge house to go and celebrate their 21 years anniversary in Fiji.

The first four nights we spent alone was great and normal until the fifth night at 5am in the morning when we started to hear the light switch continuously turn on and off. We were too scared to get out of bed and check it out, so my sister Jina whom is 3 years younger than me started to cry until I got up and slept with her in her bed. I screamed out "Who's there!" Fortunately the noise began to fade and suddenly came to a complete stop. The next morning we woke up as usual and didn't take things too seriously. On the sixth night I woke up to get a cup of water as I usually do. As I approached the fridge and I poured water into a glass cup to drink and suddenly I saw the lights turn on and off again. I dropped the glass cup of water and it broke. So I ran to my room and jumped into my sister's bed and she was there crying and screaming as she also heard the lights turn on and off and she also heard glass break which was my glass of water. When the lights stopped we started to hear footprints which became louder and louder leading to our room. We ignored it until the next morning my sister and I got up to clean the glass and saw footprints of a toddler which lead from the main door to our room and also the glass cup was not on the floor nor broken. We also noticed that the toddler's footprints led to the room upstairs which was once made up for a child whom died in a miscarriage. Now tell me why would there be toddler's footprints if only my sister and I were home alone. Please explain.

NSW, Australia
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