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Home Alone (4)

Derek McTeigued, New Mexico, USA
January 2004

One night a few years ago I was home alone, being alone in my house can be kinda scary especially at night. My friends tell me that they don't like my house for that reason.

Anyway, the power had gone out early that night and there wasn't much to do. So I picked up a book and started to read it, I had to read by a battery powered lamp. The book (I don't remember the name of the book) was about a ghost that haunts this old house and it scares some people. I started to read that book when I heard some noises coming from outside. I thought that it might be the cats and I ignored it and went back to reading my book.

The book was an easy one to read and I got a few chapters into it when I heard the noise again only it was louder, it sounded like boxes falling. I got up to see what the heck the cats were doing when half-way there I stopped, I just then remembered that the cats we owned had been missing for two weeks. I decided not to venture outside and went back to my room to read again.

After a while I had gotten lost in the book and forgotten about want had happened earlier. In our house we have a wood burning stove to warm the house and next to the stove there is a pick axe that we use to move the logs around in the stove. The pick axe stands up against the wall next to the stove.

After a few more chapters into the book something happened that made me freeze in fear. I heard footsteps in the living room. The footsteps walked straight through the living room and stopped at the kitchen and then the pick axe fell over. I sometimes knock the pick axe over when I stand next to the fire stove and I know what sound it makes. Just then the lights came on.

The power was back on and I decided that reading wasn't enough to take my mind of of the things that were going on at my house. I walked into the living room to check on things when I saw that the pick axe next to the stove was still standing. I walked over to the stove and deliberately knocked over the pick axe and it made the same sound that I had heard before.

I have always known that my house had ghosts in it but I never got used to the idea of it. Despite what happened I forced myself to ignore it and sat down to watch some TV. Nothing else happened that night and my dad and brother came back from wherever it was that they were.

Although nothing else happened that night strange things continued to happen most of the time it was at night or when I was alone in the house.

Derek McTeigued, New Mexico, USA
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