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Home Alone... Or Was I?

Teresa Cavallo, Victoria, Australia
August 2009

My experience took place in my house on Tuesday the 18th of August. I was watching TV when I started to hear a groaning noise, almost like the sound of someone in pain. My parents had gone out for dinner and my only brother was over at a friend's place for the night. I turned on all of the lights and checked the house making sure that I was THE ONLY ONE in the house. Sure enough I was alone.

I have never been the superstitious type and I am usually the one to find a logical explanation for everything. So I put the groaning noise down the water/gas pipes (my house is 100 years old and has been known to groan and walls to vibrate). I flicked the TV back on and continued to watch. About five minutes after I had sat down I felt a cold breeze blow on my face as if someone was blowing on me.

I went over to my heater and turned it on ('Must of been a cold draught'). The room started to heat up and I continued watching TV. About half an hour later, I heard the sound of my fridge door opening. I spun my head around to see that it was open and an apple had rolled out (funny since we keep them in a separate compartment and we had only just bought a new fridge). I walked over and shut the door. I picked up the apple and decided to eat it. I grabbed a knife and started to cut it in half only to find to my surprise that it was completely rotten inside. I ditched it and sat back down on my sofa.

I fell asleep and woke up at 3:00 a.m. (Parents still not back.) I noticed that my study papers had been removed from the table, screwed up and thrown onto the floor. I was really angry since that was why I had been up in the first place. I gathered up my ruined papers and proceeded to unfold them. That is when I felt a cold shiver go down my spine. Something hard and cold had just touched my hand. I froze. I looked down and a purplish mark had formed on the spot that I had been touched. I was really scared now. It took me five minutes to be able to move again. I ran into my bathroom and splashed water on my face. I looked up into my mirror. THERE WAS A FIGURE STANDING BEHIND ME.

I spun around and I stared at the figure. I tried to scream but I couldn't, I was frozen in fear. It was obviously a man, about my age (16) dark curly hair, olive skin, and dark brown eyes. He (or should I say IT) moved towards me (and I noticed that it seemed to be floating about an inch off of the floor and was semi see through) and put one arm around my shoulder and said, "Can I kiss you?"

His arm felt very cold and I instantly felt happy (god knows why). It/he smiled at me and brought its head closer. I tried to pull my head back but I was already against the wall. Its lips were about to touch mine when it suddenly disappeared. I ran out of the bathroom and called my mum. She told me to ring the police and that she and my father would be back in 5 minutes. So I hung up and rung the police.

The police searched my house and filed a report and left saying that they couldn't do much about it. I didn't tell the police about the strange things I had seen as they would of thought I was completely crazy! I didn't know what to do! Every night I dream of the boy/it/scary figure. He keeps trying to kiss me (I think, at least something along those lines) and when he manages to, he says something in another language. I think it may be Italian (I speak Italian but it sounds different- may be a dialect) or Latin.

I have told my closest friend about my experience and she thinks that a ghost may have a crush on me. I think that is weird... but it strikes a line of truth to me. He's always very kind to me in my dreams and if he was alive I might of dated him myself. I don't know what to do. The strange thing is, I am able to communicate with it/him, he's told me that he is 'happy to see me happy' and that he misses his family and friends'. I have tried to ask him how he died, but he just shrugs his shoulders and disappears.

What does this all mean? Do I have a demonic apparition on my hands or a ghostly boyfriend?? I need advice....what would you do in my situation???

Teresa Cavallo, Victoria, Australia
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