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Home Spirit Home, Part 2

Ray Feurstein, NY, USA
March 2010

So, I left off with this story that we have a shadow been skulking around here and there. No real mischief though just popping up late at night. What ever or who ever it is doesn't seem to need any contact with us. I thought I might write a little about some other spirit activities that have occurred over the past 32 years. And maybe a little of my childhood experiences. My family has been steeped in spiritualism and mysticism as long as I can remember. Two of my aunts were Sooth-Sayers. A fortune teller as it is known today. My great Aunt Lillian foretold my older brother Butch's death about three months before it happened. Firstly I would like to tell you about the current home we live in.

One night while I was working on a project with my younger son on the computer which is located in the dinning room next to the fireplace. Again, the dining room sets directly under my wife and my bedroom. The living room is underneath my daughter's bedroom. With that out of the way you have an understanding of where the rooms are situated in the house. Like I was saying, I was helping my younger son with a project on the computer in the dining room when all of a sudden there was a banging noise in the upper right corner of the ceiling just about where the door to my daughter's room, between the living room and the dining room.

There were three raps on the ceiling and then something that sounded like a squirrel scurrying across and in the space between the ceiling and upstairs floor. It ran right across the edge of the ceiling out towards the back door. There was a stink right after the incident. I shot a looked at my son and he said "It wasn't me!" My son and I sat there in shock at first and then we just shrugged our shoulders and started to go back to doing what we were doing when I turned around and there stood my daughter, as white as a sheet, sweating and shaking all over. She was mouthing something but no sound came out. The look on her face? Terrified is what it was.

I sat her down and asked what the matter was. She said that she was sitting in her room doing homework and heard a loud bagging on the door. She thought it was one of us so she opened the door to yell at us but no one was there. In the instant that she opened the door, it was jerked out of her hand and slammed shut. A voice made a low guttural growling at her and everything on her dresser began to shake violently. She ran out of the room and downstairs to us.

This wasn't the end of that night. Later around 2:00 am the back door opened and shut harder than ever. There was a loud bang and footsteps up the stairs to the bedrooms. They were slow and deliberately hard. Someone was not happy and wanted everyone to know it. For about a week and a half, things were moved around, picked up and placed in different paces in the house or just become missing. The TV would come on and change channels by itself. We had to unplug many of the electrical appliances to stop from being woken up every night.

There was nothing going on in the family at this time. No real stress or problems out of the ordinary. I have said it seemed that the occurrences would become more and more aggressive with any additional stress from any one of the family. This episode didn't fit the normal spirit activity.

There is one last thing though. We were being locked out of our house every day and had to be sure to take keys with us every time we went outside, even if we went for the mail. Who ever it was did not want us to come back in. I am not sure why but after a while all the crazy things started to taper off and life got back to normal. Well as normal as it could be living in a haunted house. Or, as we like to say, the "life-impaired."

Ray Feurstein, NY, USA
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