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Home Sweet Home (1)

Shareeka, Idaho, USA
May 2006

First of all before this experience I never believed in ghosts at all. My husband Jared and I were looking for a house for our family. I had just given birth to twins and we needed more room for our other children and well everyone!

There was this one house two blocks away from my 2 daughter's Taylor and Hunter's school and it seemed perfect! It had four bedrooms and was in our budget. When we moved in everything seemed great until the night my nine yr old daughter Hunter, who has not slept in my bed since she was one, came into Jareds' and my room saying she had the worst dream and she had to sleep with us. She was just so upset I really couldn't tell her no.
About five minutes after she came in the twins woke up, which wasn't so unusual, but I wanted Hunter to go back to sleep quickly, so I went to feed them as fast as possible.

The twins, Marcia, and Yvonne, were always so calm, and I stress the word calm. When I went into their nursery I felt terrified for some reason and I think the twins felt it too. They were screaming and screaming. No matter what I would do they wouldn't stop.

They finally stopped when the sun came up. This happened everyday for about two weeks, and my daughter Taylor was changing too.

She had always been talkative and mild tempered, but now she was irritable and that was only on the rare occasion that she would talk. I decided to have both her and Hunter see a psychiatrist.

Dr. Grey, the psychiatrist told me all the girls kept saying that the house doesn't want us there and the house wants us out. She said they probably didn't like the house and needed to get used to it. The thing that scared me was I was having the same feelings. The house was giving me a bad feeling. It was terrifying me, and I began to hate being in it.

When I was in the house I felt nauseous and paranoid like someone else, who wasn't supposed to be, was there watching me. The house didn't seem to bother Jared. He kept saying we needed to get used to the house and give it some time.

After a month things got worse. I kept seeing this lady out of the corner of my eye and all the girls were so upset. One day Hunter and Taylor confronted me and told me we had to take the twins and get out of the house for the day. Jared was at work so I took them to their favorite restaurant. Taylor looked at me and said "Mom, we have got to get out of that house and soon." I asked her why she said that, and Hunter looked at me and said," Mommy, the lady wants us out." When I asked her what lady She told me it was the lady from her dream. I told her it was just a dream but Taylor said that the lady had said she was watching me. After that they said no more so we drove around and then went "home".

While I walked past a mirror in our walkway I looked into it but instead of seeing my reflection I saw the woman. I screamed and looked back but she had gone. That night I told Jared we had to leave and if he didn't want to go I would take the girls and leave. Jared finally agreed and we put the house on the market. While Jared was putting the for sale sign up a man was walking his dog. He stopped and said to Jared "about time, no one can ever stay in that house for more than a couple weeks" and then jogged away.

After that we moved all our stuff into storage and stayed in an apartment complex. We sold the house to the realtors and bought a new house. So far none of us have had any trouble except we all on occasion have the same dream, a nightmare, in which a lady is just standing there watching you and telling you to get out!

Shareeka, Idaho, USA
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