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Home Sweet Home (3)

Sheri, Manitoba, Canada
June 2004

Reading all of these stories always makes me feel like I want to be able to see something when I get home in the evening, but as most of you know, the fear that comes along with it is never as appealing as the initial thought.

My house contains a few extra borders we never invited to live with us. My first memory was in my bedroom as a child. I remember on occasion in the middle of the night I would feel great discomfort, and I could never sleep, right from the age of about 5. I told my mom a few times about a face that would appear entirely in green with eyes that would make me freeze in my place from fear. Over the years, I felt this presence strongly, but mainly when I was alone.

One particular day I was on the phone with a friend and I heard a crash in the basement, the sound was so loud, my friend was able to hear it over the phone. It sounded like a TV had fallen of the stand and the screen shattered. I set down the phone, ran downstairs and searched the entire basement. To my surprise, not one thing was out of place, but as I was searching I heard the same terrible noise upstairs. So thinking I may have misjudged where the sound came from, I ran upstairs and searched every room. Once again, not a single thing was out of place. I picked up the phone and as I did I heard the same crash coming from the basement once again. My friend on the phone was laughing at this point asking what the heck I was destroying because it sounded like windows shattering. To this day, I have no explanation for the noise.

Years later I started experimenting with Ouija boards with my brother. I also attempted with my friends but the cursor only moved with my brother and myself, and it would go out of control and there seemed to be a few spirits competing to get their message across. One however seemed to overpower the others and she introduced herself as Betsy and her intentions were not honorable. The lights would flicker and she stated that it was her, then she said it was time to prove herself further, she spelled out hamster and within seconds we heard our hamster squeal from the next room, we went to see what was wrong and she was huddled in the corner and bit us when we tried to comfort her. She had never acted in such a manner before, nor had she bitten us. We expressed to "Betsy" that we didn't appreciate her company in the house any longer. Shortly after we tossed the Ouija board and some of the activity stopped, well at least the activity that caused such discomfort.

I lived in the basement, and sometimes in the middle of the night I would hear shuffles up to and away from my door, being in my late teens, I couldn't imagine my mother choosing to check on me, especially at such hours. I chose to sit up on a few occasions when the shuffles stopped at the door, and each time there was never a figure standing in the doorway. I asked my mother about it, and she said she had no reason to come downstairs especially between 3-5 am. This conversation probed my mother into unloading about some occurrences that had spooked her over the years.. One of which being when I was 15 and my brother was 13, she asked us why either of us would choose to sleep in her bed as we had when we were kids and had a nightmare. We laughed it off and she proceeded to walk us to her room where the covers had been pulled back on the other side of the bed and there was a definite imprint in the pillow. She said she felt someone get into the bed, but when she looked some time later there was no one there. She assumes it is the spirit of her father, as he wore slippers and shuffled as he walked while he was alive? Since then alarm clocks will go off without being set, the timer on the stove which has to be physically pressed to be set? but never have we felt discomfort with this one, only that we are being watched over in a lovingly manner

Sheri, Manitoba, Canada
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