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Honey & Zach

March 2005

First things first, I am in the military and this happened when I was stationed in Jacksonville, Fl.

One day my wife had said she was going to run errands, she was gone for about two hours, when she came home she had a puppy, well our youngest Zachary, who is a big Superman fan thanks to dad, came running into the room and saw the puppy, he thought it was his. Zach was three at this time so everything was his, he named the puppy Honey. Well those two became fast friends she would chase him through the house and sit by him on the couch. At night Honey would sleep with my wife and I in case she had to go out.

One night it was storming real bad down in Jacksonville, and Honey was whimpering really bad, worse than normal so I picked her up and put her on the floor so she could waddle out the door, she bolted right into Zach's room and sat down right in front of Zach's closet door, when I walked into the room she looked back at me and then back at the closet, she raised up and started to growl, keep in mind Honey was only two months old. This continued for a year, I finally showed my wife this one night. Honey was walking through the house and both my wife and I were following her, she sniffed by the front door, walked into where we kept the hedgehogs and sniffed at them, then she bolted upstairs to Zach's room, Zach had started to cry and Honey was barking fiercley at the closet door. My wife got scared and grabbed Zach, I tried to get Honey but she snapped at me and continued to bark at the door. I was starting to get scared.

Our second oldest had told us about people in her room at night when we moved in, now Zach has a docile dog going berserk at his closet door? I sat on Zach's bed and watched as Honey paced back and forth with her hackles raised and growling. I called her name and she looked over at me. I kid you not, the moment her attention was off the closet the door swung open and Honey went nuts. She barked and growled at the unusual darkness of the closet.

Needless to say we transfered to a better house and Zach and Honey are inseparable. The bad thing is Honey was supposed to be my dog, she was a birthday present to me from my wife, but Honey seems to want to protect the kids from harm rather than be my lap dog.

Honey is a Catahoola Leopard mixed with Black Lab. We still have Honey and at night she walks through the house and sniffs all the closet doors and she will sleep at the foot of Zachary's bed facing his closet just in case something lurks inside.

Thank you for reading this story.

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