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Honey Are You Home?

June 2004

This story was told to me by my mother and father. It takes place at my Grandfathers house in a small northern NY town.

First off let my explain the layout of my grandfathers house and where it's located at. My grandfather's house is set way back off the main road and his closest neighbor is about 500 feet away, he is surrounded by trees and fields, and his house is set up so that as you drive up to it you can see the picture window and front door. As you pass by the door you come to a two garage type place that is used as a shop type area. Once you enter in through the shop there is a room that is used as a storage/ guest room. Once you go through the door connecting the kitchen you go through in to the living room with the picture window and three rooms and bathroom can all be seen from here.

Ok now to the story, my mom was at home alone one night because my dad had gone off with my grandfather. He called my mom around midnight and told her that if my grandfather didn't want to leave right then and that shortly if my grandfather didn't want to leave he was going to walk home. So my mom waited and my dad called back at 1:00 and said that they would be leaving at 2:00. So at 2:00 my mom was standing at the picture window in the living room looking for my dad when she saw a light coming down the drive. Thinking it was my dad she continued to wait. Well as it came closer she thought it looked strange but continued to watch anyways. As it approached and became even with the picture window she realized what was wrong. It was floating off the ground. There was nothing nor nobody around but her, and this light that was floating by itself outside the picture window. She went to bed scared of course, and my dad came home thirty minutes later and she told him what had happened.

Well a couple of nights later as my mom and dad lay in the room used as a guest room trying to go to sleep my mom noticed she could vaguely see the outline of he furniture in the room. She thought this was odd because there was no light on in that part of the house, but she shrugged it off and attributed it to her eyes adjusting to the dark. Well the next night as they lay trying to go to sleep again she noticed she could see the outline better she told my dad and he said it was probably the light shinning in from the kitchen as my grandfather often left a light on to see where he was going if he woke up. My mom didn't think this was possible because the door connecting the shop part of the house and the main part of the house was closed, but she decided to listen to my father and went to sleep without giving it much more thought. Well for three more nights the same thing happened each night the light got brighter and each night my father would try to explain it off. My mom deciding she liked my father's explanations rather than the thoughts going through her head would go to sleep with out giving it much more thought. On the fourth night she could see the furniture clearly, and the furniture was even casting shadows on the walls. My mom was a little scared because she kept seeing a couple of shadows shift, knowing that her and my dad were the only ones in that part of the house and both of them where in the bed she couldn't figure out how those shadows where moving. Well being as scared as she was she shut her eyes so she wouldn't have to see anything else. She slowly drifted off to sleep. Well shortly after falling asleep she thought she heard my dad whispering to her so she rolled over to talk to him.

Well he was asleep, and as soon as she realized it she went to try to wake him up still laying down facing him when their covers where snatched off them and they were yanked out of the bed by their feet. My mom fully awake at this point noticed that the room was so bright that she couldn't even see her hand in front of her face. Well she screamed and my dad was trying to help her up thinking that some one was playing a joke on them. They made it to the door and opened it as soon as it opened the room turned pitch black. My dad cut the light on and searched the room. The window was still shut locked from the inside and there was no one hiding in the room. Needless to say they were both freaked out and never slept in that room again.

This is a true story told to me at two separate times by my mother and father and they both told the exact same accounting of what happened. Other bizarre things have happened to my parents in that house. My dad more though because he grow up there. But this story is long enough, will write more of their stories later.

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