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Hooded Shadowman

Leah, TX, USA
June 2004

I'd like to share with you one of the scariest experiences I've ever had.

My family is from a small town located in Southeast Texas, near Galveston. My Aunt Linda had lived in her house for as long as I can remember growing up. We didn't know much about the people that had lived there before her, but we figured after the first time we had seen this hooded shadowman, that something had to have happened in that house.

The first person to see this "thing" was my cousins girlfriend, Vanessa.
She had woken up one night to use the bathroom.....and this certain bathroom connected at two separate hallways, you could walk in one door from one hall and walk out into the next hall through the other door. Well, it was dark throughout the house and when she was in the bathroom, not turned on the light yet, she felt the presence of something behind her so she turned around.....only to find this black, hooded thing standing there. She was totally freaked out so she turned around to run out the other door only to notice that he was now on the other side of her. My aunt had heard her scream so she turned on the lights, and the black thing disappeared.
That night, Vanessa never went to sleep and I don't recall her ever staying the night there again after that.

A few weeks later my sister and I had gone to stay the night with my cousins because it was a holiday weekend. We had been up all night watching movies and stuff, and were getting ready to turn in for the night. My sister and I had slept on the fold out couch in the living room that night, while everyone else went to sleep in the rooms. I was in a dead sleep when I felt my sister put a deadly grip on my arm. She was stiff as a board and her eyes wider than I'd ever seen them before and she was staring into the corner, not being able to say anything. You could tell that she was frightened by something she was seeing. So I tried to calm her down, not being able to see anything where she was looking. A few minutes after, she was finally talking to me. She was crying at this point and we were about 13 and she said that she didn't want to stay there that night and made me call my mom to come and get us. She said that she had seen something in the corner, crouched down that was black and looked like it was wearing a hood with no facial features, just blank face.

We brought it to my aunts attention that next morning, telling her that she had seen the same thing Vanessa saw that night, although we had no explanation of what it was.

Later that year, my other cousin had moved into a vacant bedroom in the back of the house. This room always gave me the creeps because I always got an eerie feeling when I would go back there. It had a bed that was built into the wall and I guess it always made me feel closed in or something. But she had occupied this room for a few months.

One night, she said that she kept waking up throughout the night, tossing and turning. So she was in the halfway mode when she heard someone behind her. She turned over to see what it was and all she saw was something dark with red eyes, directly in front of her face. We ended up having to take her to the hospital that night because she had a severe panic attack, with her heart rate much higher than it should've been. But that was the last time anyone ever actually "saw" this....THING.

Throughout the years, we've always heard voices, little girls playing, heard footsteps walking on the aunt even felt something lie on top of her and remembers that she wasn't able to scream or move. She started praying and a few minutes later, she was okay but scared to death.

Has anyone out there experienced anything like this? The people that I have told this story to always think we're crazy. But I really think there was a sort of demon in that house.

Leah, TX, USA
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