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Horror follows from Salem

Debbie, Taylorsville, USA
November 2019

I want to start by apologizing for the length of this story. This experience occurred over a 10 year span, and to convey the gravity of its horror, its necessary. When I was in my late 20's, I met and married Brian. We were married for 14 years and had 2 children together, one of which has autism and other problems. This marriage was not a very good one to say the least. Brian was a sociopath, struggled with drugs, and could be very abusive. We slept in separate rooms for majority of our marriage.

This is not the only problems that Brian brought into my life. The story I am going to share is one that I don't discuss with many. Mainly for fear of my ex-husband knowing what I believe caused this. He has recently gotten ill and is dying. This is my closure release as he leaves this world. Here is my story.

In 1997, Brian and myself had been married over a year and I was pregnant with my son, Porter. We were living in a small apartment at the time and decided to start looking to buy. We found a home in taylorsville, UT that was for a great deal, but needed work. We purchased the home in December of 1998. We renovated the home that entire next year and it was beautiful. I loved this home. A year after that, I became pregnant with my daughter, Ashley. She was born in July, and after she was born, my marriage started to deteriorate. Brian started doing drugs, etc. He moved into the basement in 2001.

In 2002, Brian was going to a conference and work training being held in Salem, MA. He was going to be gone for 2 weeks. He left and due to our terrible relationship, he was not one to call to let me know his flight landed, that he reached the hotel, or even to ask about the kids. So you can understand my surprise when he called me about 5 days after he left. I answered the phone and Brian says, "I have to tell you about this strange movie I just watched!" He sounded a little wound up, his voice was high, and he was breathing hard and talking fast. I couldn't figure out why the hell he is calling about a movie. I just said, "okay, what movie?" "It was this movie about a cult that sacrificed goats to satan for power. They went to the woods and satan demanded a human for the amount of power the cult wanted. They took a woman that was hiking nearby, tied her up, stabbed her, than one man drowned her." I was getting a very weird feeling from this story, and got a sense that this was not a movie, but he was framing it as a movie. "Why are you telling me about a movie?" I said, trying to keep my voice neutral. "Because after I watched it, I was possessed by something. Crazy, huh?" I was in disbelief of what he was telling me. I wanted to end the call. "Interesting. We'll have to talk more about it. I gotta go get lunch ready for the kids. I'll talk to you later." I hung up before he could respond.

For the rest of that time he was gone, I couldn't shake the eerie feeling from that phone call. There was something not right about it. Brian never called again. When it came time to pick him up from the airport, I was nervous. I didn't want to hear anymore of this story. So, to keep me at ease, I invited my family over - brother, sister, their kids - I hoped it would keep Brian from bringing it up. When I picked him up, there was something off. He had a weird energy to him. I tried to make small talk and said, "everyone is at the house visiting." Brian responded, "oh great, I have to share my experience with them!" A great feeling of dread washed over me. I felt sick. I didn't know why this story was affecting me so much.

At the house, Brian went around telling everyone about this "movie" and how powerful of an effect it had on him. The feeling was awful, and I could see it on everyone's faces... they were weirded out. After that night, Brian never talked about that trip to Salem again. That's when things started to happen.

One day, I was in the basement playroom with my kids, and my son, porter (who has the autism), began talking to the wall. He was laughing at it. I was just watching him, trying to figure out what he was doing. The next day, my niece was over. We were downstairs watching a movie. Porter started laughing and talking to the wall again. I told Lindsay, "he was doing this yesterday. Maybe it's his angels." We giggled and went upstairs the get lunch ready. Porter and Ashley were still downstairs playing. As Lindsay and I were making sandwiches, all of the sudden, we heard the kids began to scream. It was a horrible scream that instantly put me in a run towards the stairs. As we reached the top of the stairs, the kids were running fast up the stairs, their eyes were bulging with fear and they were pale. I remember the hairs stood up on my arms when I saw their faces. They reached the top, clutching me and shaking. I asked them what was the matter, they both said, "Monster! Monster!" Seeing the fear in my childrens eyes, this scared me. I looked downstairs and found nothing or no one. We decided to play in the basement less after that.

We had just finished renovating a room in the basement for my eldest sons. I decorated it and put both of their beds against the walls opposite of each other. 1 week later, I went down to do laundry. I was gathering up their clothes and I always moved their beds because, boys being boys, they threw clothes under the bed. I moved the bed away from the wall to check the sides and what I saw was terrifying. There were thick spider webs lined all along the side of the wall! I checked the other bed and when I moved it, it also had lines of webs on the wall. There were so many webs, there wasn't an inch of wall visible. This was so eerie. Remember, the room had only been set up for 1 week. I vacuumed them up, trying to ignore the impossibility of it. 1 week later they were back. I did this 3 times and then they never showed up again.

Over the next few years, we began to have very strange things happening with water. The playroom in the basement had water pipes burst in the room. We had workers come in and tear out all of the sheetrock to fix the pipes. The strangest thing that they noticed and couldn't explain was that the leak was only at the corners of the room and it didn't leak anywhere else. They fixed it. But over those 2 years, the pipes burst 2 more times in the same places, only in the corners, and only in that room. The workers seemed a little creeped out by the 3rd time and said they had not explanation.

One morning, I was getting ready for work, it was probably around 3 am. The kids were sleeping and Brian was sleeping in his room in the basement. It was quiet. All of the sudden, I heard the sound of someone either vomiting or choking in the basement. I instantly thought, "something is wrong with Brian" and went to the basement to check on him. As I reached his door, the sound stopped and I looked into his room, he was asleep. "Brian... are you okay?" I asked. "What do you want Deb?" He asked. "I heard you throwing up? Is everything okay?" "I was not throwing up, I was sleeping!" Confused, I left the room and went back upstairs. As I started to get ready, I heard the sound again. This time I listened longer. It sounded more like someone choking or drowning than vomiting. I ran back downstairs and when I reached the bottom, the sound stopped again and Brian was still in bed. I was freaked out. The next few weeks, I heard the sound every day when I got ready for work.

Activity happened continuously. One morning, I had Porter take a shower while I ran Ashley to school. When I came home 20 minutes later, Porter was terrified. He said he was in the shower and someone opened the bathroom door. They turned on the faucet to the sink. He thought it was me and didn't know i had left yet. He told me that a woman said, "what are you doing!?" Really loud. He thought the voice sounded weird but assumed it was me still. He responded, "I'm taking a shower." The person opened the door, walked out, and shut the door. Porter got out of the shower and came out looking for me. He said he was calling me and said, "why did you ask me what I was doing?" He quickly realized that no one was home. He was so scared when I got home to the point that he was crying.

The last straw for was in 2009. Activity was increasing. I was sitting on the couch and Brian said he was going to go to a work meeting. He said goodbye and walked out. As soon as the door shut, I heard the loudest, blood curdling scream roar throughout the house. It seemed to come from everywhere. I was frozen in fear. It went on for about 2 minutes. I cried after it was over. Lindsay came over that afternoon and I unloaded all of my fears to her and cried. I didn't know what to do. She said she had a tape recorder in her bag. We decided to put the tape recorder in the basement over night and see what happened. After Brian left for his night shift, we put the tape recorder in the playroom and went to bed. The next morning, we grabbed the tape recorder and saw that it was turned off and only recorded 3 hours of the night. We listened for the first hour to weird noises, toys going off, and sounds of running water. Finally, lindsay said, "let's listen to the end and find out why it turned off." She fast-forward the tape to the last 5 minutes. It was quiet. All of the sudden you can hear someone's fingers picking up the recorder. We could hear fingers going across the microphone. All of the sudden there was a loud, hideous growl that went through the recorder for 30 seconds. Then it stopped. We could hear the fingers moving around the microphone. Then a woman's voice said loud and clear, "why?" Then you hear someone push stop.

I believe that Brian got involved in something bad with that cult, maybe even killed that woman. I believe she followed him home and tormented us. It is a crazy story and assumption, but after my experiences, I believe it wasn't just a movie.

Debbie, Taylorsville, USA
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