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Horror Hotel Room

September 2005

This is a true story that happened to my two best friends and myself in March last year.

My friends, lets call them Tanya and Samantha (Sam) and I had booked a holiday to the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. As we were only 17 and 18 our parents were worried as it was our first holiday interstate by ourselves. I have been there over six times so I knew what to expect. We reassured them we would be fine and couldn't wait for our plane to land. Our hotel was all right for what we paid but by no means would I EVER stay there again?

After a few days of sight seeing, we were sitting in the main area of our hotel room when I felt as though there was another person besides us three in the room. In the corner of my eye I could see the figure of a man, wearing a coat and a hat. He was all black but I could see the outlines, if you know what I mean. It's hard to describe. Anyway as I turned to my left to get a better look he was gone. This man really made me feel uneasy as though we were intruding and I got the picture he wasn't too pleased with us being in there. He actually scared me a little. I have had other eerie things happen to me so I just shrugged it off as though my mind was playing tricks on me. I didn't tell the girls because I wasn't even sure of what I saw and didn't want to scare them.

I soon forgot about it and the next day we were huddled around the video camera watching our day at Movie World. For some reason I had the urge to look up (I was sitting on the floor with my friends) when right in front of me I saw a young guy maybe in his early 20s, wearing board shorts. As I was sitting on the floor, I couldn't see above his waist. I knew it was a guy because I could see skinny legs with hair on them. The hair on his legs looked so real, that this time I knew I wasn't seeing things. Two seconds later and he was gone. However, his presence did not scare me at all. I thought, "That's it! I'm telling the girls." When I told Tanya she told me about something she had seen. She said that yesterday when she was in the bedroom she saw a dark figure on the balcony and she could tell it was a man with a coat and a hat, just like the one I saw. What she told me next really scared me. Tanya said "he" was walking on the balcony, then he walked through the wall into our apartment! I have known Tanya since I was 8 and she would never lie about something like this.

I asked her what she felt when she saw him and she said she felt really uneasy around him, just like me. We decided to tell Sam and she also had a glimpse of him the other day also. I just need to stress that not one of us is lying, this is completely true. Well, that night Tanya and I were on my sofa bed (in the main part of the hotel room) talking about what each of us had seen when again I felt as though were weren't alone. It was dark but I felt that the man in black was back again, to my left. I closed my eyes tight and told Tanya. This time the eerie feeling stayed around for what seemed like a minute. Needless to say that after "he" went away Tanya and I stopped talking about him. I was so scared that I made Tanya sleep in the sofa bed with me until I was asleep.

We waited to tell Sam until we left the apartment the following day. The day was spent at Dreamworld where we quickly forgot about the previous night. However, when we got back to our room our kitchen was completely flooded. The benches had water all over them and the cupboards had been soaked through. Sam went to put the keys down on the bench when all of a sudden she jolted. It turned out she had been electrocuted from the iron and phone charges that were plugged in on the bench. We called the manager and he thought it was us forgetting to turn off the tap. He didn't believe Sam had been electrocuted until he touched the bench. He swore loudly when he did. I honestly believe that if Sam hadn't have been wearing rubber thongs when she touched the bench she could have been killed. It turned out that we would have to move rooms; that did not bother me at all! After that none of us saw the man in the coat or the young guy.

Sam still gets rashes when she stresses from the electrocution and she had a sore arm for months after. The Manager said that workman must have burst a pipe but I still wonder if the man in the coat had anything to do with it. I don't know what the history of the place is but one things for sure, we all know what we saw.

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