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Horse Barn Ghost

Whitney, GA, USA
April 2004

This story is not mine, but was experienced by my best friend Ansley. The lady who owns the stables was an award winning rider, and had many things that meant more to her than any other things. Two of these were the saddle and bridle she had won in a show. They were priceless to her, but this will come to play later in the story.

Ansley loves to ride horses, and that is her favorite thing to do with her other best friends, Forest, and Macy. One night they all decided to sleep over at the stables they ride at. They just got done watching scary movies in the lounge, and Ansley and Forest went to check on the horses. At the end of the hall that had the stalls in it, was a man they had never seen before. Ansley got a good look at him and said he had glowing red eyes, and was holding the ladies priceless bridle! He must have seen the kids, because he dropped the bridle and just disappeared.

Just like any 12-year-old kids would, they screamed bloody murder, and ran back to the lounge. When they calmed down enough to tell Macy what happened, she promised to with them next time, and they called the police (which were friends of there parents), and they told them what happened and that they were scared. The men told them they would stay at the end of the street to be safe.

After watching another scary movie, which was probably not such a good idea, Ansley, forest, and Macy wanted to get some things out of there trunks (which every riding student had, and were in the hall with the horses stalls, and had one of the biggest locks ever holding them shut.) , so they went to the front hall to get them. Macy was just about to open her trunk, and it just flew open without her even touching it! She saw that the lock had not even been unlocked! She shut the trunk, and stood back, and it flew open again! They decided to check on the horses while they were there. Again at then end of the hall they saw the same man, but this time he was holding the prize saddle! He dropped the saddle and disappeared! They ran like heck to call the police.

Shortly after that the police arrived, they told the kids what must have happened. They said that he sounded like the man that used to live next door, and he happened to be very jealous of the owner of the barn. Since he could not steal the things while he was alive, he waited until he was a ghost. Since that night Ansley has always believed in ghosts

I really hope you enjoyed my story, and yes it did really happen.

Whitney, GA, USA
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