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Hotel Ghost (1)

Lindsay, Michigan, USA
August 2000

Ihave not had very many experiences with the paranormal of any kind. These are the only two I have had. They are not very long but I thought they were pretty interesting.

One night a few months ago my best friend Ann and I were getting ready to go out and our friend Jay called and asked us to meet him up at the Hotel for a drink. Now you have to know a little about the Hotel. Back in probably the early 1900's it was build and it was actually a hotel. I am not sure when it happened but they turned it in to a really nice restaurant. There have been many stories that this Hotel is haunted but I never really believed it or even thought anything of it. Anyway, back to the story, so Ann and I finished getting ready and drove up to the Hotel. We were talking about something as we walked up the walkway and Ann walked in first and I followed. Ann held the door for me as I followed her and I just let the door shut after I walked through. Then Ann turned around and said, "How rude!" I was like, "What are you talking about?" And she said, "You just shut the door in that guys face." Now I know that there was nobody walking up to the door with us so I wasn't quite sure what she was talking about. I opened the door and there was no one there. I looked back at Ann and said, "There is nobody out there." She told me that she knows that she saw a tall man in a nice business suit standing right behind me. There was not enough time from when I let the door shut to when I opened it back up for a man to be out of sight from the door. At this point Ann got a little freaked out. We walked in to the bar area found our friend and sat down. Ann started talking to the bartender about what had just happened at the door and he asked her to describe the man and she told him exactly what she had told me and the bartender said that is what he looks like. Needless to say Ann wanted to leave right then and we haven't been back since.

My second experience was when I was in High School. One night a friend and I were taking our boyfriends home and it was real late at night. We were driving down the road and all of a sudden there was a dirty looking man standing right in front of our car waving his arms in the air. When we got up to him, he was just gone. We stopped and got out to look. You should understand that we live in a town where there are no bums or anything like that. He was no where to be found. There was nowhere that he could have run to. We were on a little bridge over one of the big lakes in town and unless he jump in the water he would have had to vanished. We waited a little while to see if we could see him in the water be we didn't. We just thought it was probably a ghost just passing through.

Lindsay, Michigan, USA
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