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Hotel Ghost (2)

Jeannie, California, USA
October 2008

This happened 20 minutes ago - Completely true and spooky!

Fifteen years ago my husband and I married at the Hotel del Coronado. This annivesary we took our 3 children to the hotel for the weekend. We laughed with the kids about the supposed Kate Morgan ghost.

After a fancy family dinner the kids went back to the room for TV and room service dessert. Not more than 4 minutes later the kids called my cell phone horrified. They came to the room, turned on the TV (that had been working perfectly - brand new) and it kept shutting off, then going into snow and making the snow sound 'loud' - I could hear it over the phone - and black and white 'old time womens pics' kept appearing on the TV. They were beyond freaked. I started streaming cold tears from my eyes and my husband ran like a crazy person to the room. When he arrived it all stopped. The kids were hiding under the covers.

Happy Anniversary. This place is 100% haunted. Kids are most susceptable. They will never come here again.

Jeannie, California, USA
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