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Hotel Haunts

Duncan Weary, NY, USA
December 2006

In 1982, when I was 12, my mom and dad got a divorce and my mom and I had to move out of the apartment we lived in. My mom was able to rent a small room in the hotel she worked at as a concierge. The room we had was a guest bedroom on the 10th floor with one bedroom and a small bathroom. I had many paranormal experiences in that hotel and here's just a few of them:

The room we lived in had a weird feeling which I believe caused me and my mom to argue a lot. We both had to share the small bedroom which had 2 single beds. One night my mom was working and I felt really tired so I went to bed, I got to sleep fine but woke up an hour or so later. I tried to lift my head up to see if my mom was there but felt so exhausted I could barely lift myself. I managed to roll over and it felt as if though all my blood in my body had stopped flowing and was just pouring to the bottom of my body. I stared to sweat even though the room was chilly that moment. I heard the bedroom door slam and the sheets pulled off me! I panicked and managed to pull myself up to run out of the room. I ran into the small living room we had and caught my mom talking to the hotel manager. She asked me what was up and an uncontrollable anger swept over me, I snapped at my mom and started arguing I managed to get myself grounded and had embarrassed my mom in front of the manager. I just couldn't think what caused my rage or what had ripped off my bed sheets.

During summer vacation I would get bored in our small room and would explore the many hallways of the hotel. I would talk to guests and cleaners and play in the elevator. One day I took 3 flights of steps up to the 13th floor. This was a long narrow hallway and made a T shape. The stairs were at one end and at the other end split off. On the right was the emergency stairwell and the other was an elevator.
Standing at one end of the hall I saw what could only be described as a black mist, kind of like a bunch of bees you see in cartoons. It floated from the stairwell to the elevator. Not of my own free will, I followed the mist but when I got there it was gone. The elevator doors opened up and an elderly lady came out. She made eye-contact with me, smiled and proceeded to her room. I looked to see which number she had gone into but she was gone! She couldn't have gotten very far or unlocked her door without me seeing or hearing her do so.

When I was 13 I started to smoke every time my mom went to work I would lock the door, get out a cigarette and hang out of the window. I jumped at small noises thinking it may be my mom or someone who works at the hotel. By then we knew most of the people in the hotel very well. Anyway while hanging out the window I heard a large crash from the bedroom I dropped the cigarette and lost balance and panicked. I grabbed hold if a curtain, which snapped off and fell over me. I was kicking my legs everywhere and I felt my foot kick someone who then shouted "ow!" I managed to lift the curtain off my head to see who it was but there was no one there. I looked into the bedroom which was upside-down. The bed sheets had been pulled off the bed, paintings were on the floor, cabinets knocked over and the armoire open which looked like it had been searched through. Now because I was smoking I made sure the door was firmly locked. So no one could have come in. Of course I got the blame for the mess and when I tried to explain it to my mom she didn't believe me and told me that there's no such things as poltergeists. But because of my experiences I'm certain there is.

We moved into an apartment not far away a few years later and although my mom still works at that hotel I have never returned since.

I am now married with one child and living very far away in Los Angeles.

Duncan Weary, NY, USA
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