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House at Nell Court

Mary, Hawaii, USA
February 1998

Imoved from Florida to Alabama in August of 1987. With three children and a low income job, I qualified for low income housing. It was a nice duplex, three bedrooms and one bath. Only one of the bedrooms was heated, so in the winter time, all three kids slept there. In the summer, I moved them, my daughter to the very back room, and the boys in the first bedroom down the hall. My room was located across from the back bedroom, but the doorway was opposite the boys room. My daughter was very young, and was having problems teething. She would sleep fitfully, waking up crying. One night was particularly bad. Over and over I rocked her to sleep.. finally, I thought , this is it..she's out for the night. I had settled in to watch tv.. and she woke up crying again. I went down the hall and into her room.. The first thing I noticed was the rocking chair, rocking back and forth on it's own. Then I looked at my daughter and hanging in mid air above her crib was her favorite stuffed animal! I sucked in my breath and let out a gasp... immediately the rocker stopped and the toy fell to the floor. I have to say also that the closet in that bedroom would not stay shut. You could close it and hear it latch, but walk out of the room, go back in, and it would be open. Another strange occurrence at the same house was small white clouds that would float down the hall seeming to go into the hall closet located at the end near the kitchen. I saw this on many occasions as did my oldest son, nephew and numerous babysitters. Two other things always occurred there. The first was every day at 5:00 pm ( I'm very fanatical about dinner being served at 5:30 ) the kitchen lights would flicker off and and on. Finally, one evening, I had enough. I yelled "stop it, I don't have time for this!" and it stopped. From then on, I would repeat this every day. One night, I woke up (still not sure what woke me) and looked at the clock. Now, this was the old kind of digital clock, the kind with the numbers that flip over.. the numbers were flipping very fast..flip,flip,flip,flip. I jumped up and switched on the light, as soon as I did, the clock stopped, at the exact time! I checked the two other clocks in the house and all three read 2:20 a.m. I never felt uncomfortable in the house, but always felt as if the kids and I were not alone. My sister on the other hand, was terrified of that house and refused to go it alone.

Mary, Hawaii, USA
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