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House Built On A Graveyard

Ricky Fear, Nebraska, USA
January 2002

Hi, my name is Ricky Fear, and I live in a haunted house.

My house, like all of the others on my street, was built on a graveyard. All of the houses on my street are bi-levels. The first thing that I can remember that happened to me was when I was six. I was in our family room watching TV when the 5 bookshelves to the right of the TV pitched forward and crashed to the floor. I ran to my sister's room and hid there until she came home.

Later, on that same day, I was in my room playing with my toy cars. As I was playing, the pictures on my wall started to fall off the wall, as they hit the floor the glass smashed out of the frames and scattered all over the floor. After that I slept in my parents room until I was eight, that's when I moved back into my room.

Nothing happened for the first two days, then the events really picked up pace. I was sitting in my room on third day when my dresser drawers flew out of the dresser and fell on the floor, I didn't think much of it, and so I just put them back in the dresser. The next day I was in the kitchen eating when the plates on the table slid off on crashed to the floor. After I finished cleaning up the broken plates the window next to the table opened open on its own. I closed the window and sat down in the living room. As I sat down I looked up at the wall and I saw a dark shadow on the wall. It had red eyes and it was about six feet tall. I ran down stairs to the family room and hid in a closet. As I shut the door I hear it coming down the stairs, it was making loud roaring noises. I started to cry. The roaring stopped in the family room and I suddenly had an urge to come out of the closet, like something was controlling me. I opened the door and stepped out of the closet and against my will I walked the to shadow. It grabbed my arm and I felt like I was on fire. That must be when I blacked out because I woke up on the floor with a huge welt on my arm.

After that, we moved to a different house on our street. Nothing major has happened in our new house, just pictures falling, dishes breaking, stuff like that. Well one thing has happened, my computer was smashed last week, so I had to use a friends computer to type this.

Ricky Fear, Nebraska, USA
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