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House Ghosts

NSW, Australia
October 2002

This story was told to me by a friend who I have known for nearly 2 years and she has never mentioned it before now.

When she was building her house, she met with the kitchen designer in the unfinished building. There were no floors as yet and the front door was closed. My friend and the designer were standing on floor beams in the kitchen when they heard women's voices coming from the lounge room. The voices were very clear and easy to understand. It was 2 women having a conversation, saying things like "Oh, this is going to be the lounge room, that's nice" and it went on for a few minutes, the topic being the house being built. Both people heard the voices even though they knew there was no one there.

After the house was completed, my friend said they had a few strange things happen and they simply blamed it on the family ghosts!

She is moving from that house soon (not because of the ghosts) so I wonder if the new tenants will get visitors soon...

Although not scary, this story really interested me as it showed ghosts interacting with their CURRENT environment which would suggest consciousness.

NSW, Australia
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