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House Hunting or Haunting

Courtney Rocho, MI, USA
March 2004

My husband and I are buying our first house, but we really can't afford too much so we have to look at houses that are somewhat old. this house was built in 1955, and the interior looked like an older person lived in it last.

However at the time we looked at it no one lived in it. The only people that were in the house while we were was my real estate agent, my best friend Beth and myself. We did a quick walk through of the upstairs, nothing too outstanding, so we headed to the basement (that is a must for our new house).

When we went downstairs I got a uneasy feeling but I thought it was because I didn't really like the house. The basement was like a maze, so many nooks and crannies. It had so many storage areas that we didn't even look at all of them, I decided it was time to go upstairs.

We all went up to the kitchen area to talk about the house. Beth was the last one in the room so she shut the one door behind her... it clicked shut, we all heard it. After a minute the door creaked open again, Beth and the realtor looked over at me to see if I opened another door and made some sort of suction, but I was standing right near them. Now we knew something wasn't right so we left the house with chills. When I got home I went onto my computer to take this house out of my notebook area. I looked at it one last time and what I saw really scared me!.

I see a face up in the window in the right hand corner of the left window. I sent it to my friend who also sees it and anyone we show sees it.

Someone else says they can see more the one face, but my husband says it is just the curtain.?

Courtney Rocho, MI, USA
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