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House of Moans and Apparitions

William, Washington, USA
May 2007

Moving away from home for the first time, I thought I had found the apartment of my dreams! Smack-dab, right in the middle of bustling downtown Vancouver! The house was built in 1901 and converted into 3 apartments in the late 1960's. I had moved into the third apartment on the corner of the house.
With the sunlight always piercing into my blinds and throughout the whole house, I was in love with that place. Then I began to feel and hear vibrations throughout the house, muffled voices, the sound of moving furniture, and towards the end of my 1 year tenancy I started to see full blown apparitions!

It started with the sounds of a conversation with many voices chiming in and out at all times during the night coming from the attic upstairs. I even heard a conversation on a cold winter night when I was all alone that was at first muffled but as it continued, it sounded like it was in the room with me! However, I knew nothing was in the attic, as it was locked up and only opened by request of the landlord to retrieve or place your belongings in. Basically it was used as a storage unit, however it was locked because instead of individual spaces, everything was in one spot. For fear of stealing or riffling, the landlord possessed the only key to unlock the attic door.

The next day I made an excuse to get into the attic and had the landlord unlock it for me. What I really wanted to do, was snoop and see what could possibly be creating all the noise. Climbing the stairs, I found personal belongings where I left them, the other tenants items assumed to be in the same order as they were, and such. As I retrieved a box that I 'needed' and started to walk downstairs, I glanced over my shoulder and saw a dark shadow streak across the white walls. Quickly, I made it downstairs in one piece, and closed the door and waited for the landlord to lock it.

That night, I heard footsteps coming up and down those stairs. It got so bad that I started to hear them in the day time as well. Then the "hellos" started. This would happen to me when I was alone, with my friends, or when other people were staying at my house. All times during the day/night, a pattern emerged. First it was a good 8 loud knocks coming from the kitchen wall. Then it would get deathly cold in the house. Like clockwork, you would hear a "hello?!" in a man's voice, quite clearly and very eerie. It proceeded with "HELLO!?", two times louder than before. Finally, the knocks moved into the living room wall, always only knocking 6 times, instead of 8. Then you would hear footsteps up the stairs, and the sound of furniture being moved.

2 weeks before I moved, I would see a shadow of a man streak across my whole apartment from the living room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, and then it would seem to ascend into the ceiling, where the attic is, and disappear. This would happen, as well with the footsteps, the "hellos", the conversations, and the knockings 2 times a day, like clockwork!

This is the end of my story. My apartment was recently rented out again. I wonder if someone is living with the same things and happenings I had lived with for a year?

I guess I will never know unless I ask!

William, Washington, USA
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