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House of Nightmares

Carrie, Arkansas, USA
September 1999


Instead of making a whole story out of this, I'm just jotting down some more things that come to mind, so please bare with me.

One night, a friend and I were in my room waiting on my sister to get home. We heard the back door open and shut, footsteps running up the stairs, and the bathroom door shut. So we waited....and waited, but my sister never came out of the bathroom. I got up to check, and no one was there.

A lot of times when we were downstairs, we would hear the bathtub faucet turn on, and the shower start, but no one was upstairs.

Another night that was a little spooky to me was when I was asleep and " a little girl " woke me up, and said " Carrie, it's time to play. " Normally I would have screamed my head off, but I was out of it, being asleep and all, and just told her " No, it's not! " and went back to sleep.

I mentioned in my last story that this house and it's " contents " had a lot of mind power over us and you're about to see why. It made us completely different. When we were selling the house, people, of course, would walk through it and look around. Well, one of the families were walking through discussing all the changes they would make, and it made me very angry! All I could think was " Get out of my house...just go away! " It's like we wanted to leave, but the thought of other people living there made us cringe.

A couple of months ago I decided to drive by there to see what it looked like now ( the people that moved in were remodeling). I drove up in the driveway and my friend and I walked up to the front door. What's odd is that we had to walk through a fenced-in yard to get to the door, and they have a huge German Shepherd that is very mean and protective. Well, this dog, for some reason, was nowhere to be found! We rang the doorbell, in hopes that they would allow me to walk through the house. The reason I wanted to walk through was because I spent so much of my life there. I have so many bad memories, yet I still felt drawn to the house. Which, if you ask me, is NOT a good thing. I was advised by everyone never to go back there, because of what it did to my mind. Well, anyway, no one came to the door, so my friend and I walked back towards the truck. I turned around and my eyes were suddenly drawn to my old room. I just stood there looking at that window as though I was paralyzed. I finally made myself get back in the truck and leave. We proceded to drive around the old neighborhood, and then decided to come back to the house to see if maybe they would answer the door this time. Well, guess what? Sure enough....guarding the front door, was that dog! Every single noise I made, that dog barked. That's what's so weird to me. The fact that we made all that noise before, and the dog never showed himself. It's almost like the first time, " It " wanted me to come in. You see, this house, to me, is different than a lot of other " stories " that you may hear or read about. It wasn't just a simple " bump in the night ". It was much more than that. It controlled our lives, and to an extent, it still does. That was very evident to me when I returned to take a look around the place, and found it difficult to leave again.

It not only affected my family and I, but also our guests. One of my sister's friends was lying down to go to sleep, and saw something that resembled a claw of some sort coming toward her face. She ducked her head just in time, and let out a horrible scream. I was downstairs at the time, and when I heard her scream, I didn't think a whole lot of it, because she had been drinking. So, of course, when she starts telling me what she thought she saw, I laughed. But she was obviously frightened, and she said that when she ducked her head that she heard the claws scratch the head board of the bed, so I followed her upstairs to look for evidence. Well, we went in and turned the light on, and sure this very day...there is an unusually large claw mark on the head board. In fact, my mother is using it now.

A friend of mine was staying over (we always had company in case you're curious) and she went upstairs to change shirts. We heard her scream out " Oh, sh*t!! " and when she got back downstairs, she said that when she was trying to leave my room, something grabbed her by the arm. She had a large scratch on her arm that was bleeding.

I used to have these terrible nightmares of being levitated and spun around in circles and then being thrown across the room.

One night a friend and I were sitting in the den watching television when we started to hear that famous dragging noise up above us. It started to really get to us, so we decided to go outside. We did what we were taught to do ( I'm only telling you this for the purpose of the story and to let you know what we did... ) and started yelling " In the name of Jesus, I command you to be GONE! " After yelling this several times, we noticed this cat out of nowhere. This cat would freak out and start meowing and hissing everytime we walked near the house. I, looking for any answer at this point, decided to check it out. We walked towards the cat and it ( I swear!! ) started to almost " lead " us away from the house and down the road. We turned around and went towards the house, and it did the same thing again. It started having a fit! Eventually we went next door to my friend's house until my mom and dad got home.

I remember many times in the middle of the night when it sounded like someone was breaking all the dishes in the house and slamming doors. Out of fear I was afraid to go into my mom and dad's room so I would just scream out their names. My dad would go check it out and find absolutely nothing broken.

As I mentioned before, we always had company in that house, and one night in particular we had 4 or 5 of our friends over (not odd at all). One of my brother's friends starts getting very sick and having a terrible Asthma attack. He, once he's able to breath, immediately starts drawing a picture. I can't explain what it looked like, but it was evil. My sister, just out of the blue, picked up the Bible and randomly opened it up, and there it was......exactly what he was drawing in full description. It was horrifying! I can't even remember all of the details of that night, but I remember that part VERY well! It's almost like what he was drawing was what was in that house.

I know a lot of you may not believe me, but let me tell you something. I lived this for three years of my life. I'm not making ANY of these stories up. You can't even begin to imagine what it's like. My grandpa didn't come to visit me, I didn't see a Guardian Angel. What we lived through in that house ( did I mention that the address is #13?! ) was pure evil in every sense of the word. If you are EVER in a situation like this, PLEASE leave. As hard as it may be, leave! It can and will destroy your life. I'm thankful that my family got out of there in time, otherwise, we would probably not be a close family anymore. It attempted to rip apart everything that we had and everything that we believed in, be it failed.

Most of the people on my mother's side of the family have had experiences very similar to this, and I believe that my cousin is going to submit some of hers.

Carrie, Arkansas, USA
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