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House on 19th Street

Submitted by Mary, Rhode Island, USA
October 2006

I have had many experiences with the paranormal throughout my life. I will tell you about the one that scared me the most.
It happened in a house that I had a lot of other bad experiences in. I've never done research on the history of the house nor do I care to. But here's one incident that scared me almost half to death!

My family moved down to Arkansas when I was about 7 yrs. old. The house we lived in when we first moved there was a bit old. I had complained to my parents several times throughout the years of how I felt there was SOMETHING in the house that was trying to harm me. They eventually got tired of it and converted the porch into two bedrooms for my brother, sister and I. My brother got his own bedroom and my sister and I had to share. Since there wasn't much room, we got bunk beds and I got the top bunk with my sister being on the bottom bunk (yes I had sibling order issues).
Anyways, a short time after the new bedrooms were made my brother got a job working 3rd Shift. He was 5 years older than me and my sister was 6 years older than me.
One day I was awoken by the sound of my name being called. I looked at the clock and it said 3a.m. I heard the voice again calling my name. It was my brother's voice coming from outside our window. He was telling me to go open the door for him. I was still half asleep and so I was like, "why don't you just open it yourself?" The voice replied, "because I forgot my keys and now I can't open the door." I made a movement to get up, but then a thought crossed my mind. My brother worked 3rd shift so he was still supposed to be at work. So I asked him "aren't you supposed to still be at work?" The voice replied, "yeah, but they let us out early. And now I can't get in because I forgot my keys. Now just come open the door for me." I was sitting up in bed at this point and then another thought crossed my mind. Wait, if he forgot his keys how'd he drive his truck home? So of course I asked my brother that question. I sat in bed waiting for a reply. It was about a minute and still nothing. So I asked the question again. Still nothing. I got mad at this point because it was really early in the morning and I wasn't in the mood for one of my brother's annoying jokes. I hopped out of the top bunk and walked to the window (which wasn't hard since its 2 steps away from the bed). I pulled back the curtains getting ready to just yell at my brother, but there was no one there! I looked to either side and didn't see him. No car in the front of the house either. Now, the time I waited for a reply would have given my brother time to run around the corner of the house towards the backyard, but not without me hearing and that doesn't explain why his car wasn't in the front! There was no way that he could have gone out through the metal gate without it screeching and started his car all without me hearing it! Suddenly, a cold chill ran up my spine and I was like, no way could that have been my brother calling my name. I quickly closed the curtains and turned around contemplating waking my sister up. It was no use, she's a heavy sleeper and wouldn't wake up if a gun went off next to her ear. So I bolted back up to my bunk and covered my face with the blanket til morning.
The next day after I got home from school, I asked my brother what time he had came home. He looked at me with that attitude look of his and said "7 in the morning like I usually do. Why?" I told him I was just curious and asked if any of his friends would have paid him a visit early this morning at around 3. He said no. At this point he had a worried look on his face. I knew if I told him then he wouldn't believe me. He would and did later on, but that's another story. The only person I told that day about this was my sister. And the next night, at exactly 3 in the morning I heard my name being called again. This time it was my sister's voice. It started off sort of slow and teasing like. It said it in that tone about 3 times. Then after a few seconds of silence it started again this time it was repeating my name fast! Sort of like when someone is excited and screaming out your name to get your attention quick. I was annoyed at this point and grabbed my pillow and was leaning over the side of the bed ready to smack my sister with it for trying to be funny and scare me. But I was frozen when I saw her still asleep with her eyes shut tight. Then I heard the voice say my name one more time this time slowly and sinister sounding. It wasn't my sister because she was right there and I was looking at her and her mouth didn't move! It was coming from outside the window! I dropped the pillow on the floor and got my butt under my covers so fast that I had a head rush. I stayed there under the covers until daylight broke through the room.
Like I said before, I've had many experiences in that house and never really had the guts to do a history on the house. I've moved since then. Far, far away from that house. I'm not sure if the present owners have any issues with it, but I sure hope they don't have kids at least. I wouldn't want a kid to go through what I went through in that house.

Submitted by Mary, Rhode Island, USA
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